I’ve heard about grocery delivery services here and there over the past few years.  I’m not the earliest of adopters, so this has not really tempted me.  My father bought groceries at the store just like his father before him, so why should I break the chain?  However, I recently discovered a website/app that just might change my mind: Instacart. Continue Reading »

Too Lazy to Shop?

My first produce delivery - medium bushel

My first produce delivery – medium bushel

If you’re anything like me, you hate going to the grocery store. I probably only go about once a month. Unfortunately, that means I’m always low on fresh produce. Sometimes I like to hit the farmer’s market; Houston has a lot of great ones – Urban Harvest, Rice Village, and City Hall. The downside is that you have to get up on a Saturday morning and I would rather sleep in.

So, if the above sounds anything like you, you need to jump on the produce delivery train, like I did. I started with some research about CSAs – A CSA refers to a network of individuals who have pledged to support one or more local farms. With these, you pay a subscription and go pick up your produce at a specific location and time. There are some great CSAs in Houston – Home Sweet Farm, Wood Duck Farm, and others. That still didn’t work for me because I have a natural fear of commitment and I already mentioned being too lazy to go to the store and the farmer’s market.

What I ended up finding was a DREAM COME TRUE. Let me introduce you to Farmhouse Delivery. I can sign up for a bushel of produce and they deliver it to my door. Yes, you heard me, TO MY DOOR. I can start and stop deliveries when I want and I never have to leave my house to go get my food. To top it off, I’m supporting local farms and getting fresh, seasonal produce – I have never been happier. Check out one of these great organizations and get some produce delivered to your Camden doorstep!


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As an avid reader, and also a follower of young adult sci-fi fiction, I found myself sucked into The Maze Runner series rather quickly. The second I hear that a book series is being converted into a movie, I have to run to Barnes and Noble and pick it up. Yes, I am old school and actually buy paperback books rather than use a Kindle or Nook.

Much like The Hunger Games series and Divergent series, I found myself unable to put the books down. I strayed from my usual book type of female protagonist to male protagonist, as my friend told me it was worth the read. Boy was he right. To avoid any spoilers, I will simply give you a brief overview of the story.

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Did You Say Treat?


If you are a pet owner then you fully understand the need to make your pet feel loved and special. They become an extension of our family. Just like we do for any member of our family, we want them to feel loved and special. We feel their love for us each time they run to the door when we come home from a long day, or snuggle up beside us when we are sick, and lay on the arm of the chair just to be near us. Our pets show us love on many levels and in so many unique ways.
My assistant found this wonderful recipe for all natural homemade dog treat that we used at a pet party that we hosted at a Camden community. It was a huge hit! It is super simple to make and the dogs loved it! There is nothing better than homemade treats!

Frozen Banana Treats for Dogs
1. 4 cups of plain yogurt
2. 2 tablespoons peanut butter
3. 3 bananas, ripe, peeled and mashed
1. Blend all the ingredients to a puree in a food processor
2. Pour into 4 ounce plastic cups
3. Add stick to the batter (optional)
4. Freeze Until firm
5. Pop the treat out of the cup and watch your dog enjoy!
Prep Time: 5 Mins , Serves 8-32 or 16 treats

Pet Treat

Your pets are sure to leave the unique treat that you made especially for them! You can cut the recipe in half if you do not want to make such a large quantity at once. The treats freeze well so you can keep them frozen until you are ready to use. They make great gifts for those friends/family members that have furry friends at home.
I hope the treats are a success in your home as they were at our pup party that we hosted! I am confident that you pet will enjoy their special treat!
Check out all of the great pet friendly places to create these special pet treats at www.camdenliving.com.


I used to L-O-V-E the mornings. Me and the mornings were like the best friends that do everything together. However, becoming a first time mom has made me and the mornings frenemies at best. We remember how good it used to be but now we fight all the time. I cannot tell you how many times I say to myself, “five more minutes”, before I actually put foot to floor. Getting me out of bed is a lot like trying to get peanut butter out of hair. It is almost impossible. Despite the fact that my daughter is an amazing sleeper, I cannot seem to get enough sleep at night. I keep that proverbial “one eye open” and any movement she makes strong enough to be heard through the monitor, wakes me up. Oh and did I forget to mention that I share a bed with a 60 lb. dog who changes positions every half hour and a very handsome, but very loud snorer?  Suffice it to say, by the time the sun comes up and it is time to go to work, I feel like I haven’t had any restorative sleep and I’m not at all prepared to start my day.

Since the baby, the dog and the guy aren’t going anywhere, something had to give. My mornings and I are finally getting back to being BFF’s because I’ve starting practicing what I’ve learned from some hardcore research.  So from me to you, here is how to get the most out of your morning so you can get the most out of your day…every day.

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Having your own pad is fun until you realize you’re $30 short for rent because you live life on the edge without a budget. Your ‘go-with-the-flow’ personality gets you a lot of friends and that’s about it. But where do you start when it comes to apartment budgeting and getting on the right track? Let’s look at 8 things you’ll need to include in your apartment budget besides rent.

First, consider your everyday necessities:

1. Food: I’m guessing you eat daily, am I right? If you’re having trouble paying something, readjust your budget for this as you can motivate yourself to buy more groceries and limit the number of times you eat out.

2. Cellphone: This is just a wild guess, but if you have a cellphone, the likelihood is you’ve got a bill to go with it every month. This takes place of what our elders called the “home telephone.”

Now, consider the things you’ll expect to work when you walk in the door:

3. Water/Gas/Trash: Good hygiene is a necessity at your workplace and we thank them for that. If this isn’t included in your rent already, get with your Camden leasing consultant to get an idea of what you may be expected to pay each month.

4. Electricity: Because electricity = 20th century and you need it to straighten your hair, take a hot bath, and cook delicious meals.

5. Cable/Internet: When you live with Camden, this is likely included with your rent& you get to kill two birds with one stone off your budget list. Otherwise, you’re expected to pay this to your provider on a monthly basis.

These amounts will vary depending on the Camden community you reside in. Get with your leasing consultant to get a better idea of what you may expect to pay for your apartment’s floor plan so that you may budget accordingly.

Don’t forget the things you don’t necessarily use every day but still pay once a month:

6. Renter’s Insurance: If you’re living with us, you’ve got it! And, it’s a good thing when you’re in need of it.

7. Other Bills: Car payment, car insurance, gas, credit card payments, Gym & Spotify payment, Religious organization, etc. Fill in the blank to whatever applies to you.

For smart apartment budgeting, you’ll need to include this:

8. Savings: Sure, you’ve heard this before but disciplining yourself to save a portion of that paycheck is important. Act as if it’s a bill that has a due date so you never miss it. When life happens, you’ll be grateful.

Budgeting = being financially responsible, or at lease trying to be, and in the dating world, that’s a plus! So why not start laying out a budget for your apartment today in hopes of avoiding those late fees? Being financially responsible will make you feel better about your spending habits so plan accordingly and be consistent. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Painted Pin

Painted Pin

Looking for a place to go with friends or need to plan a first date? You can’t go wrong with this new gem hidden off Miami Circle.   Count on excellent service, hot fresh food and a fun crowd of all ages (over 21).  Not only can you hang out at their beautiful bar but you can bowl with a group and kick back on leather couches. If bowling is not your thing don’t worry they also have a ton of other games like indoor boche ball, ski ball and basketball hoops. Now when you think bowling alley, you typically think bar food. You thought wrong, they have everything from fresh tacos, loaded fries (best I have ever had) and even pizza cooked in a real wood oven! Definitely a fun place to experience in the heart of Buckhead!!

Seven Lamps

Seven Lamps

I came here with a friend of mine for drinks on a whim. What a great inviting atmosphere, educated staff and an interesting concoction of drinks. You can’t go wrong with any of them. I am a French fry person so of course I had to try their fries with Duke’s Mayo and Sir Kensington’s ketchup. These thin sliced fry / chip potatoes were amazing. I will definitely be back to enjoy a full dinner with entrees and more fries!! I would recommend this for an intimate date or a just a quiet relaxing place to sip cocktails on a patio.

Pub at Perimeter


So this place goes against every thing I feel a good restaurant should be. It is attached to a mall, it serves pub food, they wear kilts and it is a chain restaurant. However, it is beautifully constructed, not in Buckhead, and a great hang out spot to catch up with friends and enjoy a nice patio.  The food has been excellent for what it is but don’t expect to be blown away by a culinary masterpiece. 1/2 off bottles of wine every Wednesday and happy hour specials are so worth visiting regularly after work.

Whiskey Blue

Whiskey Blue

Well this was a complete surprise. My friend told me we were going to drink at the top of the W Hotel and I really didn’t know what to expect. It was a beautiful view, the weather was perfect, and the patio inviting. Simple lounge to spend time with friends or even for an intimate first date for drinks. However, be prepared, our tab for 4 beverages (2 outstanding Manhattans and 2 glasses of chardonnay) was $80. Great place to find something different but not exactly a place I would frequent. Definitely a beautiful view and a great place to impress a date!


Bar Taco

bar taco

This is the new HOT SPOT in West Midtown. It is the place to be seen!  Make sure you take a selfie and check in here with a few thousand other people! It has only been open since June and has caused quite a buzz. Fast fresh food, friendly service and beachy laid back vibe all add to this relaxing atmosphere. I recommend trying a little bit of everything when it comes to tacos (wild boar was my favorite). Every cocktail is refreshing and the mint gelato was outstanding!  You will leave feeling more trendy then when you walked in!

All of these places are located just minutes from most of Camden’s communities!



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