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Nationwide there is a sense of excitement as school begins, yet at the same time a feeling of sadness as summer comes to an end. With the memories of family vacations, summer blockbuster movies and sleepovers fresh in their mind, parents and children alike are preparing backpacks, uniforms and lunch boxes in anticipation of a great school year.

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Back to School Shopping!

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that today is the last day of July. Yikes! What happened to summer? It’s rapidly coming to a close and schools across the country are gearing up to welcome students back to their classes. This week Continue Reading »

Summer Concerts

Summer Concerts - When you tailgate with your favorite people

Summer Concerts – When you tailgate with your favorite people

There are many reasons to love summer, but concerts have to be the BEST part of the hot, muggy weather.  Some people might say, “There is nothing like 97% humidity, throngs of people entirely too close together and grown adults testing their alcohol threshold on an empty stomach.” Continue Reading »

My Camden team here in Austin has a wide variety of interests.  For this reason, I recently asked a couple of them to help contribute to the blog by providing me with information about cool places here in Austin they like to frequent.  The following are their suggestions: Continue Reading »

As anyone can probably tell you, Camden Communities throw some awesome parties. So, who better to listen to than your local party planners in the Welcome Center? Here are just a few tips on how to throw a slammin’, funtastic party!

1) Theme: The best parties are the ones with themes. Find a reason to celebrate! Whether it be a person, special holiday or sports event, when people have a combined reason to party, you are destined for success!

photo courtesy of www.partypop.com

photo courtesy of http://www.partypop.com

2) Decorate: Do not be afraid to go over the top with your decorations. Balloons, streamers, beach balls, candles – use them all! Once you have a theme to celebrate to you need to create an atmosphere that people want to celebrate in!

photo courtesy of amoniqueaffair.blogspot.com

photo courtesy of amoniqueaffair.blogspot.com

3) Venue: Consider where you will be hosting the party. This will help with tips #1 and #2. Once you know what theme you will be using, you can pick a venue that accompanies it. You will usually want to find someplace cool, private and with some kind of exceptional feature that people will not forget.

photo courtesy of www.straitstimes.com

photo courtesy of http://www.straitstimes.com

4) Food: Party food can easily become the highlight of any party. Usually, knowing your average party guest, anything free and edible will do the trick. If you want to guarantee that you are not like every other party planner, spice your party food ideas up a bit by thinking outside the box. For example: Pizza. Pizza is one of the world’s favorite party snack foods. It is filling AND it comes in many different tastes. Why choose Pizza Hut or Dominos when you can choose gourmet pizza like California Pizza Kitchen? Even a simple change in direction can make your party unforgettable.

photo courtesy of www.funelf.net

photo courtesy of http://www.funelf.net

5) Beverages: Every party guests favorite, the party beverage. Now, of course when choosing a party drink you will have to be mindful of who will be coming to your party, but be frilly! Add fruits, cute straws or signature party favors like the little drink umbrellas. Find cute cups to add a bit of frill to your drink. If you really want to shine like a diamond, make your own drinks (and tell everyone you did). This shows personal involvement and best of all, care.

6) Music: No party is complete without music. Whether you choose to hire a DJ (takes the edge off in the entertainment department) or control your own music it is always just important to make sure you have the right kind. Depending on the kind of party you are interested in, it is safe to say that classical, jazz and Top 40 hits are the best way to go. These usually appeal to most people and you will not leave anyone offended or wanting to leave because they cant stand the type of music you have chosen. When all else fails, play Pharell’s “Happy” once or twice and you will surely get the party started!

photo courtesy of www.ava7.com

photo courtesy of http://www.ava7.com

7) Hours: Last but not lease, try not to put any hours on your party. You can give a start time, but leave the end time open so that you are not rushing any of your party goers or placing any restrictions on them.

photo courtesy of www.iwantcovers.com

photo courtesy of http://www.iwantcovers.com

Now that you are educated in the throwing of a Camden approved awesome party, go forth and thrill all of your friends with what you have learned! If they ask you “how?”, “where?” and “from whom?” did you learn all of these wonderful tips… You know where to send them!


Camden Cares is the community service team of Camden employees that organizes and plans events that help out the local community. This year, I have been chosen to be a part of the Camden Cares committee. The cause that I feel the most passionate about is anything related to pets. Being a dog lover myself, I love to do anything that I can to help out puppies and kittens.

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Mixers and Elixirs

Mixers and Elixirs


Being single in Houston, I like to go out and find fun and new events in the city. Mixers & Elixirs, hosted by the Houston Museum of Natural Science, is not a new event, but an old and popular event that was revived this year. This event is held throughout the museum with a live band and many cash bars open around throughout. To make it even better, there were amazing food trucks outside! Check it out – the next scheduled event is August 24th!

Enjoying the June event

Enjoying the June event


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