Having your own pad is fun until you realize you’re $30 short for rent because you live life on the edge without a budget. Your ‘go-with-the-flow’ personality gets you a lot of friends and that’s about it. But where do you start when it comes to apartment budgeting and getting on the right track? Let’s look at 8 things you’ll need to include in your apartment budget besides rent.

First, consider your everyday necessities:

1. Food: I’m guessing you eat daily, am I right? If you’re having trouble paying something, readjust your budget for this as you can motivate yourself to buy more groceries and limit the number of times you eat out.

2. Cellphone: This is just a wild guess, but if you have a cellphone, the likelihood is you’ve got a bill to go with it every month. This takes place of what our elders called the “home telephone.”

Now, consider the things you’ll expect to work when you walk in the door:

3. Water/Gas/Trash: Good hygiene is a necessity at your workplace and we thank them for that. If this isn’t included in your rent already, get with your Camden leasing consultant to get an idea of what you may be expected to pay each month.

4. Electricity: Because electricity = 20th century and you need it to straighten your hair, take a hot bath, and cook delicious meals.

5. Cable/Internet: When you live with Camden, this is likely included with your rent& you get to kill two birds with one stone off your budget list. Otherwise, you’re expected to pay this to your provider on a monthly basis.

These amounts will vary depending on the Camden community you reside in. Get with your leasing consultant to get a better idea of what you may expect to pay for your apartment’s floor plan so that you may budget accordingly.

Don’t forget the things you don’t necessarily use every day but still pay once a month:

6. Renter’s Insurance: If you’re living with us, you’ve got it! And, it’s a good thing when you’re in need of it.

7. Other Bills: Car payment, car insurance, gas, credit card payments, Gym & Spotify payment, Religious organization, etc. Fill in the blank to whatever applies to you.

For smart apartment budgeting, you’ll need to include this:

8. Savings: Sure, you’ve heard this before but disciplining yourself to save a portion of that paycheck is important. Act as if it’s a bill that has a due date so you never miss it. When life happens, you’ll be grateful.

Budgeting = being financially responsible, or at lease trying to be, and in the dating world, that’s a plus! So why not start laying out a budget for your apartment today in hopes of avoiding those late fees? Being financially responsible will make you feel better about your spending habits so plan accordingly and be consistent. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Painted Pin

Painted Pin

Looking for a place to go with friends or need to plan a first date? You can’t go wrong with this new gem hidden off Miami Circle.   Count on excellent service, hot fresh food and a fun crowd of all ages (over 21).  Not only can you hang out at their beautiful bar but you can bowl with a group and kick back on leather couches. If bowling is not your thing don’t worry they also have a ton of other games like indoor boche ball, ski ball and basketball hoops. Now when you think bowling alley, you typically think bar food. You thought wrong, they have everything from fresh tacos, loaded fries (best I have ever had) and even pizza cooked in a real wood oven! Definitely a fun place to experience in the heart of Buckhead!!

Seven Lamps

Seven Lamps

I came here with a friend of mine for drinks on a whim. What a great inviting atmosphere, educated staff and an interesting concoction of drinks. You can’t go wrong with any of them. I am a French fry person so of course I had to try their fries with Duke’s Mayo and Sir Kensington’s ketchup. These thin sliced fry / chip potatoes were amazing. I will definitely be back to enjoy a full dinner with entrees and more fries!! I would recommend this for an intimate date or a just a quiet relaxing place to sip cocktails on a patio.

Pub at Perimeter


So this place goes against every thing I feel a good restaurant should be. It is attached to a mall, it serves pub food, they wear kilts and it is a chain restaurant. However, it is beautifully constructed, not in Buckhead, and a great hang out spot to catch up with friends and enjoy a nice patio.  The food has been excellent for what it is but don’t expect to be blown away by a culinary masterpiece. 1/2 off bottles of wine every Wednesday and happy hour specials are so worth visiting regularly after work.

Whiskey Blue

Whiskey Blue

Well this was a complete surprise. My friend told me we were going to drink at the top of the W Hotel and I really didn’t know what to expect. It was a beautiful view, the weather was perfect, and the patio inviting. Simple lounge to spend time with friends or even for an intimate first date for drinks. However, be prepared, our tab for 4 beverages (2 outstanding Manhattans and 2 glasses of chardonnay) was $80. Great place to find something different but not exactly a place I would frequent. Definitely a beautiful view and a great place to impress a date!


Bar Taco

bar taco

This is the new HOT SPOT in West Midtown. It is the place to be seen!  Make sure you take a selfie and check in here with a few thousand other people! It has only been open since June and has caused quite a buzz. Fast fresh food, friendly service and beachy laid back vibe all add to this relaxing atmosphere. I recommend trying a little bit of everything when it comes to tacos (wild boar was my favorite). Every cocktail is refreshing and the mint gelato was outstanding!  You will leave feeling more trendy then when you walked in!

All of these places are located just minutes from most of Camden’s communities!


Fall Football Frenzy!

Although it is scorching hot outside, fall is here and that means one thing for Houston… FOOTBALL.

Yes, the year has come and gone, we are all a year older, and football season is back. Of course we have the treasured Texans you can root for, but The University of Houston is ready to dominate this season with a new and improved stadium, already nicknamed “The Cage.”

The new TDECU U of H Stadium at game time!

As a Houstonian, the demolition of Robertson Stadium was truly a bittersweet occasion back in 2012. The old stadium was the first home of the beloved Houston Oilers and Houston Dynamo and was built back in World War II. While it is sad to get rid of such a staple in this city, the future is looking bright for the Coogs!

Roberts Stadium

Houston started a new era on Friday August 29th and it was truly a sight to see. In the brand new TDECU Stadium the Houston Cougars played UTSA in the biggest turn out for a game ever (over 40,000 people, wowza). In all honesty the beauty of the stadium surprised me, but what surprised me more was the energy of the fans. From the 1st quarter to the last second there was nothing but support for the excited team. Many Houston residents showed up to express their encouragement for our city and I even saw a couple familiar Camden residents, YAY!

The mighty cougar band playing Pharrells' "Happy" in the new TDECU Stadium!!

With 22 Camden properties in the Houston Metro area, we have a great deal of Coogs calling us home. Not only do we have Coog residents, we also have some awesome Coog employees! I highly suggest everyone to get out this fall enjoy a game over a good hot dog. Check the schedule at http://www.uhcougars.com 

Have fun & go Coogs!



As someone who lives in an apartment in Austin, it is frustrating that charcoal smokers aren’t allowed near the buildings.  This regulation in the fire code is absolutely necessary for obvious reasons, but a guy can still crave home-smoked food, right?  Enter the electric smoker. Continue Reading »

Ahhhhh… It’s Labor day! What a great weekend for relaxation, bar-b-ques, and of course football! However, if you’re in the Atlanta area this weekend you may have other things on your mind. It seems as if people come from near and far to participate in the amazing events ATL puts on which are sure not to disappoint. Here, I will go over a few of the great attractions so that perhaps you can check out a few.

• The Atlanta Dragon-Con is similar to ComicCon but perhaps our parade is better!? The parade is made up of hardcore fans that dress up as their favorite fictional character and march through Downtown Atlanta. It starts on August 30th at 10:00 AM.

• The Atlanta Braves take on the Miami Marlins:
Fri, 8/29 Marlins 7:35pm
Sat, 8/30 Marlins 7:10pm
Sun, 8/31 Marlins 5:10pm

Black Gay Pride is a celebration that floods the streets of Atlanta all weekend long. Party promoters advertise parties each night of the week, which wraps off with a Parade through Downtown Atlanta Sunday Afternoon.

House Music In the Park is going to be great on Sunday. This even stars around noon and ends at 8pm in Piedmont Park.

Georgia Tech opens its football season on Saturday against the Wofford Terriers at Bobby Dodd Stadium

• And of course, there will fireworks at Stone Mountain Park on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So, whether you are in town for the weekend, or an Atlantian you are sure to find something to get into. The weather is supposed to be nice, but traffic is supposed to be horrible. So plan accordingly, obey parking signs, and have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day – end of summer vacations and start of school…. Although most schools start before now and the end of summer vacation is harder to do. It seems that more and more families are staying close to home but still want to enjoy the last official weekend of summer with family and friends.

One idea is the Newport Dunes Resort. It is a 110-acre premier waterfront resort located in Newport Beach on Pacific Coast Highway.




Bring your RV, tent, rent a cottage or just stay for the day. There is a mile of beach featuring a waterpark with inflatable rock climbing walls, icebergs, trampolines, swimming, sail boat, pedal boat, electric boat rentals, or kayak rentals. The Back Bay Nature Preserve and the Newport Bay Conservancy is at the entrance of the resort also.



The Dunes has a fun Labor Day weekend planned. There are family-friendly movies on the sand Friday and Saturday. On Sunday there is a bounce house fun zone, volleyball tournament and a pizza party and dance social. Along with these planned activities, you can just relax on the beach and enjoy the water. There are plenty of BBQ’s or you can enjoy the Back Bay Bistro restaurant.



I grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Since I was able to sit calmly in my seat, my teachers didn’t realize I couldn’t pay attention.  They just thought I didn’t get it.   Continue Reading »


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