Camden Bloggers Gather…

CamdenCamden Property Trust, one of the first in the multi-family industry to take Blogging to the next level, gathers bloggers to take social networking a step farther.

 During the two day event in Houston this week Camden Bloggers gather together for the first time.  The “SNL” team is undergoing great training on how to capture their audience while promoting the Camden Culture and Values, as well as the apartment homes owned and operated across the country.  

 Great ideas are “blooming” on blog topics, the proper technique & formula to follow when writing and the bloggers are truly inspired by the presentation given by Tim Gullen.

 The Camden Team realized early on that Social Media Networking was the way of the future.  When other Property Management Companies are continuing to block the Social Network sites from their associates on-site, Camden is promoting it!  Always taking the innovative direction, Camden realized the future residents of our communities, were the Social Network Fans of today. 

So if you are looking for the perfect company to work for that is on the cutting edge, or the apartment home that is going to cater to your social networking habits, as well to your day to day lifestyle, then look no further – just head to and get started.

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