Camden’s getting a running start on Spring.

A Running Start

As spring approaches and the weather warms, Camden wants to set the pace for 2011 by participating as a sponsor the Red Shoe Run & Walk 5k (in support of the Ronald McDonald House Charity of Greater Washington, D.C. tm). The event will be held this upcoming Sunday March 27th, in Herndon, VA and will serve as the inaugural run of the race. Camden Dulles Station will be representing the Camden family at the final mile marker/finish line.

This is a great opportunity for family and friends in the community to participate in a fun and unique environment and foster a sense of community in support of a nationally recognized benefit organization for children in need.

You can learn more about the race and register for the event by checking the event website listed below:

To all of the Camden Employees, residents, and friends in the community who are participating in the events we wish you luck and enjoy!!

Be sure to check back next week  for results and pictures!

Ready, Steady, GO!

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