Walking to support a No-Kill movement in Raleigh


Camden employees Dena Filiaggi and Allie Hartnett pose with Layla and Molly.

As an animal lover I am especially grateful when people make it their mission to help animals that can’t help themselves.  I realize how much effort and sacrifice it takes to offer precious time that many of us don’t have.  It is a profound gift of love.  Camden employees Dena Filiaggi, Allie Hartnett and Oscar Moncada have put together a team called Camden’s Canines to raise money through the Wake County SPCA’s 12th annual K9 3-K Dog Walk.  They are committed to “Saving Wet Noses”.  They are not only giving of their time, they are also facilitating a way for you to give.  Loyal loving eyes and sweet wet noses need your help, they need funding.

Operating an Adoption Guarantee (or No-Kill) program for the last six years, The Wake County SPCA proudly became a 100% No-Kill shelter on July 10th, 2010.  When a shelter takes on this initiative, it will take an entire community of involvement to create the awareness and responsibility that is needed to maintain this commitment.  It is especially impressive because they receive no federal or state funding nor do they receive funding from any national humane organizations.  They rely solely on private donations from individuals, corporations and foundations.  Imagine how many more animals need our help.  They report that in 2009 they were able to help a staggering 12,831 animals.  Although this is an unbelievable number, there were still thousands more that died.  This walk is literally a life or death situation.  Sadly there are more abandoned, homeless and rejected pets in our community than anyone wants to think about. 

Camden employee Dena Filiaggi was struck by the enormity of the No-Kill effort.  Noting the organizations reliable record she felt inspired and formed this team.  She is humbled by their dedication to our furry friends and their belief that they can create a change.  Allie Hartnett is another member of Camden’s Canine’s. She explains, “Growing up with dogs my whole life and being a dog lover; I knew this walk was important.  Now having an 11 month old puppy with my husband, we both feel that the walk is a great way to get awareness out to everyone.”  She is committed to supporting this effort, one donation at a time. 

When you look into the eyes of your best friend at home, remember that there is an entire community outside your door, working to ensure the souls without voices find a voice.   Spread the word.  Meet your friends and their pets at Moore Square in downtown Raleigh.  The festivities begin at 10:30 and will provide plenty of entertainment and information.  Between the 3-K walk, the senior walk, live music and contests and prizes, there is no one that will enjoy it more than your pooch. If you are feeling the tug at your heart and realize this is where you need to help, visit Camden’s Canine’s Team page to pledge your support.  If money is not an option, give of your time.  Every person and every effort counts.

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