5 Steps to Embellish your Apartment

 Growing up I was that kid who had to ALWAYS have a new themed room. Even getting into my teens my mom would catch me at odd hours rearranging my furniture and re- decorating. Still till this day you will find me taking things off my walls and moving them into other rooms or replacing with new finds. Since moving out of my parent’s home a few years back, I’ve found it a little more difficult to just up and paint my bedroom, drill many holes in the walls, etc. Instead I’ve gotten around the more difficult tasks and found simpler ways to re-decorate for the up-coming seasons. Below are just a few of my own tips/suggestions to help you spruce up your place without causing too much damage to your apartment or pocket!

  1. Salvation Army/Goodwill/Garage Sales

These places are gold mines! Yes, you might not find that perfect item right away, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a few chances. I’ve been fortunate enough to have found many things! Dresser, frames & side tables!

  1. Mirrors

 Not only do I love looking at myself but I’ve found that mirrors make a room a lot bigger and are a nice touch.

  1. Accent Rug

A rug can quickly change the look of a room! Texture, color or shape can give a different vibe to your home.

  1. Wall stickers/ Decals

My new-found love, who needs pictures when you have large stickers. No more nails! You can find so many different styles for walls, doors, chairs, etc. Easy to remove too!

  1. Throw Pillows

Make them, buy them. Also, could make a nice accent for a room with little or no color.

A few of my favorite websites that I get my inspiration from!

SuperMarket HQ

Anthropologie House & Home

West Elm



Happy decorating!

One thought

  1. Relocating can be an opportunity to start fresh. However, it’s tough to start from scratch when you are moving to your brand new apartment or home with boxes that are stuffed with possessions that you simply no longer will need, use or really want. As soon as you’ve weeded out the things that aren’t going to your future residence, having some sort of garage sale is a fantastic way to send your current junk out the door.

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