Living the American Dream

The American Dream

The American Dream- There are no known U.S. copyright restrictions on this image.

I’ve just recently embarked on the American Dream of home ownership.  I know, I know this is a blog written on an apartment management site. I shouldn’t be telling you all about the sweet deal I got when I stopped “throwing my money away on rent,” but I really can’t resist.

I got such a great deal because I bought a bank-owned home. It took a really long time to close and there were some surprises, but it was totally worth it… 

I lived in a really nice apartment at Camden Lakeway, so there were some things that were really important to me in my new home. I wanted to live in a neighborhood that was at least that nice and I wanted to be in a good school district. In order to accomplish that, I had to increase the amount of money I was willing to pay out every month, but it was totally worth it… 

Since I purchased a bank-owned home, that only increased my monthly obligation by about $300 a month, it required some minor renovations. We’ve only owned it for about six weeks, so they aren’t all complete. We’re still finding some minor issues that need fixing but it’s totally worth it… 

The following is a video representation of the process: 

 Alright, that’s not entirely accurate. My house isn’t nearly that big.  

The $300 I mentioned isn’t quite accurate either. My new house doesn’t include basic and expanded cable or Valet Waste service. I actually have to store my trash in my garage all week until I can drag it out to the curb on Fridays. Recycling costs extra, but it’s totally worth it… 

We’ve had a few other unanticipated expenses along the way. So far we’ve spent $1600  in plumbing repairs, $600 in dry wall repairs, $500 in wet carpet pad removal and replacement, $800 for a new hot water heater and $250 to move a giant pile of rocks that was dumped in the yard. We’ve had to replace every faucet in the house, but it’s totally worth it… 

There are also a few things that still need work. The toilet in the master bath runs and the guys who fixed the carpet, chipped the new, natural stone tile. We’ve already been ticketed by the HOA because our yard is completely full of weeds. Having grass installed will cost about $2200, but it’s totally worth it… 

I also miss the heated pool and fitness center I was able to use a Camden Lakeway. I can’t really add those kinds of things to my monthly budget right now. I’m still trying to find a way to pay for cable and recycling but it’s totally worth it… 

Sure, the expenses have added up and we can’t afford to go out as much as we used to. We don’t really mind because we’ve discovered to joy of home ownership and need that time to work in our yard anyway. 

HOME OWNERSHIP IS PRICELESS.  And so is knowing that I’m responsible for every repair for the next 30 years.  

So don’t let all the ease of apartment living dissuade you. You too can live the dream. Take it from me, it’s totally worth it…

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  1. Ah yes, this all reminds me of the three times when my pipes froze. Besides the cost of the repairs, it was awesome using vacation time to crouch down, and crawling around the crawlspace under my house and defrost the pipes before they burst. Oh, and the $2500 in tools and lawn care we spent in that first year. Totally worth it!

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