Music, Anyone?


Does anyone NOT know what is going on in Austin right now?  In case you live under a rock, South By Southwest (AKA SXSW, AKA South By) is alive and going strong.  In fact, Tuesday is the first day of everyone’s favorite portion of the conference: MUSIC!  Every street you turn down will have beats blasting your way, so how do you decide where to go?  SXSW always has appearances from well-known bands and artists, but these shows are generally packed like sardines.  If you want to try out some groups that are under the radar, download the free album that Spin posted covering the groups who they think will rise to the top of all the madness.  If you want to simplify your concert-going life even further, there are some great free shows at Auditorium Shores, including The Shins, Counting Crows, and The Cult.  Have fun, and don’t leave your apartment without a poncho!  I can’t believe I need to say that…

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