A Day Without Shoes

I am sitting in my office in a button down shirt blue shirt, paisley blue and purple tie, black pants, and a brand new haircut.  If I do say so myself I look pretty sharp and professional.  But today is different from most days– I am not wearing anything on my feet. 

Everyday almost a billion people are too impoverished to afford shoes.  Walking around barefoot exposes them to dangers in the soil and ground around them.  What are they exposed to?  

  • 740,000,000 are exposed to hookworms, a parasite which causes intestinal pain and cognitive impairment.
  • 4,000,000 suffer from podoconiosis, a fungus which is both debilitating and causes deformities.
  • 1,890,000 children in Kenya are at risk of Jiggers, a flea which causes painful and potentially deadly infections.
  • 30,000 people in the Philippines live on one landfill which is filled with broken glass, hypodermic needles, and other debris.

To raise awareness and show our support, Camden Miramar (link here) is participating in Tom’s Day Without Shoes.  It is one day which could potentially help millions across the world.  We encourage you to join us: educate your self, talk to others about it, and support in whatever way you can.

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