Don’t say the F-word!

Not that F-word.  I mean fisbee and frolf (frisbee golf).  So why not say it?  Frisbee is a brand name (from WHAM-O!).  Frisbees aren’t used in disc golf.  To us it is like the difference between a children’s toy and a piece of equipment.  Plus frolf sounds so ugly.

I am a disc golfer.  I play one of the most rapidly growing sports in the world at a semi-competitive level.  I am not a pro (I’m not even that good).  I play for the love of the game and the personal challenge it presents.

Why am I telling you this?  I am telling you this because I am going to convince you to play.  Notice I didn’t say I was going to try to– that’s a given.  Disc golf is cheap, fun, easy to learn (hard to master), and convenient.  There are three within driving distance from Camden Miramar.  Chances are there are some near you.  To see if there is one near your Camden check out The Pro Disc Golf Association course finder.

Each blue dot is a course. If you can't find a course, you're not looking hard enough.

How to Start:

Once you’ve found your course you’re half way there to being able to play.  All you need now are discs.  There are a lot of different kinds of discs all made by different companies.  They break down into three main categories:  Drivers, Mid-ranges, and Putters.  To start you don’t need a driver.  They are harder to throw and will ruin your form.  So stick to mid-ranges and putters.

When picking a mid-range I would recommend something less stable which tend to be easier to throw.  My favorite is the Buzzz, made by disc craft.  One of the most popular is the Roc, made by Innova.  When picking a putter I find it to be less about the disc and more about the form.  Pick one with the coolest name or if you’re buying in person the one that feels most comfortable in your hands.

To make shopping for discs more complicated each brand has several different kinds of plastic.  People who have played for a long time will sit and talk about which plastic is their favorite.  As a beginner there is no need to worry about it.  Cheaper plastic will not hold it’s shape when it hits too many trees.  More expensive plastic is more durable and tends to have a faster release.  For now, save yourself some money.  Buy the cheaper plastic until you figure out which discs work best for you.

I find the best place to buy discs are on-line markets.  They tend to be a bit cheaper $12 to $15 vs. $18 to $20 when buying them in person.

The rules

Now that you have your two discs and you’ve driven to the course you are ready to play.  If you have ever played golf you already know the rules and the etiquette.  I will keep it really simple.  You can find the full rule book on the pdga web site.

Your objective is put throw your disc into the basket (seen below) in as little throws as possible.  The cumulative sum of all the throws for the holes is your score for the round.  The lower the score the better.

This is a basket. It is the equivalent of a ball golf hole.
Image taken from

The other rule that is important to note is to throw from behind where your disc lands.   If you step over it is called a foot foul.  Don’t get too caught up in this during casual rounds but it becomes important if you start competing.

So go play!

That’s really it.  It’s simple and it’s fun.  The start-up cost is cheap and the replay is amazing.  Each time you go you get a little better and that is all you can hope for.  you can compete with yourself or against your friends.  Come up with your own version or have fun rules just for you.

Please remember, most courses are free and maintained by volunteers so it important to leave each course as you found it– clean and trash free.  Enjoy your rounds!  let me know your first scores!

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