I love The Sim Life!


Working in the apartment industry, floor plans, appliances, light fixtures, and cabinets are always on your brain. I love talking to new people that come to the community, as well as existing residents about how they decorate their homes. Camden is flexible with lease terms, which is great for the residents building homes. I have seen residents come and go and show pictures of their new dream homes. I get ideas on how I would like to build my dream home. I am not quite ready to build a house of my own just yet, but I have found a solution to fill my home building urges. 

When I get home from a day filled with apartments, I run straight to my laptop and load up my favorite PC game, The Sims 3. I can spend literally hours building houses for made up characters, and fulfill my dreams of either becoming a rockstar, astronaut, athlete, or even a mastermind criminal. I can have a wild animal for a pet, have multiple sets of triplets, or turn into a vampire. The possibilities are endless and always changing. 

I got into playing The Sims back when The Sims 2 was out. I bought every expansion pack to ensure that I had every possible outfit, hairstyle, and countertop pattern I could. When The Sims 3 came out in 2009, I sold all of my old games on eBay, and traded up to the newest and greatest game I have ever played. Being the creative guru that I am, I probably created hundreds of characters of different nationalities, hair colors, and body types. You get to choose their personality traits, favorite foods, colors, and how their voice sounds.



After you are finished with the Create-A-Sim mode, you then get to the best part, Create-A-World. Premade homes are available to move your sims into right away, but I much prefer to buy a plot of land and start my own construction. I generally go for a more country-style house with siding, and a wraparound porch. I like either 2 or 3 levels in a home. Large kitchens with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and modern light fixtures are my go to for décor. Most of my ideas come from looking at the various Camden communities throughout the nation for inspiration.

Next step, designing the landscaping! I love a large pond with lily pads and benches in the backyard shaded by Willow trees. And let’s not forget the vegetable garden surrounded by a white picket fence. The kids get a tree house of their dreams, a waterslide, and various outdoor sports equipment. If they are lucky, they will get a tree that is made of cotton candy. 

With the frequent additions of expansion packs as well as updated content on TheSims3.com, there are always changes to my make believe world. Among my favorite expansion packs are Katy Perry Sweet Treats, The Sims 3 University, The Sims 3 Generations, and The Sims 3 Supernatural. It’s great because as you add the expansion packs, there are more and more options.

On the flipside, there are always negative things your sims have to go through. Though they may have the best designer clothing and a killer house, they go through acne, heartbreak, the flu, and even alien abduction. Some sims die unexpectedly from a bad meal or a murphy bed falling on them. If you forget to feed them, tell them to use the restroom, or have them bathe, they will get sick and your game play will not be as fun as you hoped. 

You may not think that you will enjoy playing this game, but if you start, you probably won’t want to stop. It is highly, highly addictive. There is a whole interactive world of gamers that play The Sims that blog, film their game play and upload it to YouTube, and chat with other players via the forums. There is a feature in the game to upload your sims and houses for other users to download and share. You can send gifts to your online friends’ sims that they will receive in their home mailboxes.

 I got my mom hooked on this game. That’s how powerful it is. If you are looking for a little escape from reality, want to try building your own home, design your ideal best friend or girlfriend, or see if having that large family is really worth it, this game is for you. I know as soon as I leave work and get home, my laptop will be open and I will be listening to the sounds of my sims speaking simlish, and trying to keep their plumblob from turning red.

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