The 20th Annual Carolina Renaissance Festival

Good Morrow, good readers!

I come to you with news of one of Charlotte, NC’s largest attractions! Something we look forward to ALL year. Whether you live in Uptown Charlotte or the suburbs, the Annual Carolina Renaissance Festival is fun for all ages.

It just so happens that this year, 2013, will mark the 20th Anniversary of the Renaissance Fest in the Carolinas! There are sure to be special celebrations in honor of this spectacular record.
To get you into the spirit of attending, I have compiled some of my favorite attractions and some general information on the many aspects of this Festival.

The Queen and some random family dressed as royalty - just kidding: me and the Royal Family of Fairhaven

The Queen and some random family dressed as royalty – just kidding: me and the Royal Family of Fairhaven

The 20th Annual Carolina Renaissance Festival will take place between October 5th and November 24th. In the heart of fall, with cooler temperatures ahead of us, nothing is more fun than spending your weekend in a huge, outdoor 16th Century European town made of small bungalows, taverns, food stations and outdoor stages. Curving through the vast wilderness of Concord, NC’s more green landscapes, you feel as if you are slowly travelling back in time.

The RenFest (as we call it in short) is seperated into many different sections. Each section holds a different interest for each personality type.

1. Outdoor Theatre: The outdoor theatres are so much fun. There are approximately 4-5 of these. Each stage hosts a different entertainer. Easily the most popular would be “The Tortuga Twins”. These “twins” are known for their quick wits and feisty quips. They actively engage the audience ALL the time. They have become a quick favorite amongst the adult viewers. (Note to parents (including myself): This comedy group is rated R :) ) The “twins” are not the only outdoor entertainment. The outdoor stages also feature “Hey Nunnie Nunnie”, (our sarcastic, medieval nuns), the Spanish fire masters (the Spanish Conquistadors that are really good with fire), the Gypsy Belly Dancers (shake, shake, shake – this one makes it hard not to move too) and many more!

The Tortuga Twins

The Tortuga Twins

2. Arts and Crafts: The RenFest is famous for its arts and crafts vendors. Here you have many talented men and women that come together to showcase their individual trades. My personal favorite would have to be the Fairhaven (the name given to the RenFest village) Carpenter. He specializes in wood carvings of medieval dragons. He is really very good and pays attention to detail. Each tooth is finely carved into the dragons’ mouth. These carvings make for great gifts. The many other crafts include handmade candles, incense burning supplies, fairy wings, flower woven headpieces and even medieval garb. If the sun is burning too brightly, feel free to purchase a medieval umbrella to ‘daintily block the sun from thy fair skin’.

My Fairy Lady

My Fairy Lady

3. Jousting: Easily the most exciting part for every family must be the joust that takes place 3 times a day. Witnessed by the Royal Family of Fairhaven, watch knights of different realms battle each other in battles – including to the death. Equipped with real live horses, fearless riders and lots of fun in between, this part is great.


4. Feast: Aaaahhhhhh! The feast. I know this is MY favorite part. The Carolina RenFest is FAMOUS for its turkey legs. I mean, why would they not be? Who does not like to walk around holding a monstrous turkey leg in their hand? I know I do. Accompanied by a nice, cold Woodchuck Hard Cider or a Guinness (ok, and maybe an apple juice or fruity shake for the kiddies), this snack proves to be yummy for your tummy!! The RennFest is also known for the delicious chili bowls for anyone that is not into turkey AND the Apple Cobbler desserts that the kids will ADORE…. ok, and you….. I mean, c’mon.

Feasting with Friends!

Feasting with Friends!

5. Circus: Last, but not least, the circus. There are always animals present at the RenFest. Camels, goats, lamb – even an elephant. There is a petting zoo for the children and camel and elephant rides for everyone.

This festival has so much to offer for everyone and is sure to make for a day of great fun and adventure! In order to not spoil it all, you may just have to travel and see it for yourself.

Visit: for more information!
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