Add Color to Your Apartment Without Using a Drop of Paint

If you’re like me, you have apartment or house ADD. I am constantly having to change the furniture placement, try out new styles or just change things up in general in my home. I feel like when I have that “Goldilocks moment”, when everything is just right, I will leave it that way. Until then, my furniture, the stores I get my nifty things at and my walls are at my mercy. I often do this with things that add that razzle dazzle without making it into a blue tape marking, paint brush buying, paint color obsessing adventure.

Most of the time, a color on the wall is a sure-fire way to change a room and bring it to some serious life. But what if you don’t want to paint the walls and live with that kind of commitment? Maybe you just want dinner and a movie with the color rather than a marriage. Maybe your apartment community does not allow painting. Maybe you just hate to paint and would rather expend your energy elsewhere. Here are some great ideas and tips to add that burst of color with no paint at all.

1) Colorful Accent Furniture 

Colorful accent furniture.

Accent Piece.

Accent furniture is generally just a small piece of furniture like an end table, small chair, small chest or writing desk. So go out and get a turquoise piece (turquoise furniture just happens to be something I am partial to. It is one of my all-time favortist things in the world.) You obviously don’t have to do what I do. Make it your own favorite color or whatever you feel the room needs. For you it could be a lime green piece (shout out to Hannah), a yellow piece or a red piece. All you have to realize is that it is all about you and what you like so go for the gold.

2) Throw Pillows, Curtains & Rugs

Throw Pillows, Rugs & Curtains Photo Credit: Decor to Adore

Throw Pillows, Rugs & Curtains
Photo Credit: Decor to Adore

You can go wild with throw pillows, rugs and curtains. There are a plethora of patterns and color combos out there to just knock yourself out with.  Go crazy. You can figure out which colors complement each other so it doesn’t look crazy or anything, but hey, some of you might want to go with that eclectic, doesn’t match feel. It’s your prerogative. The above photo is a perfect example of how throw pillow, rugs and curtains can coordinate and pack quite a punch in the color department. You barely even notice that the walls are beige.

3) Floral Arrangements

Florals Photo Credit: Songbird Blog

Photo Credit: Songbird Blog

REAL floral arrangements are a great way to add a pop to any room. From peonies to red sunflowers to tulips and everything in-between. I also find that flowers have a certain way of bringing on ear-to-ear smiles. They do have to be changed out on a kinda frequent basis unless you get something like an orchid that can last a longer amount of time. Some might think of that as a pain so you can opt for the fake kind but make sure they are as real looking in color and appearance as possible. There are tricks to prolonging the life of your flowers if you do choose cut flowers.

4) Artwork

Colorful Artwork Photo Credit: Centsational Girl

Colorful Artwork
Photo Credit: Centsational Girl

Artwork is a great way to add color as well. These pieces go on the actual non-colored wall and draw so much attention away from that fact. You can hang famous artwork, your own artwork, your kids artwork, phrases…anything you’d like. An awesome idea is to create a gallery wall of many pieces of work like the above photo. You can even have photos of your family (including pet photos) blown up on canvas size prints to hang on the walls. Those are great because they are personal to you and this of course is your home.

So that is a good start and a sweet amount of info to get your home from drab to fab. You may find that you have a knack for decorating in the process and decide to conquer the world. I say go for it.

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    • Hi Robin,
      It depends on certain apartment rules. At Camden Lake Pine, we allow it. We just ask that before the resident leaves they patch them up.

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