You’re Invited- Camden Preview Party

Over 10 years ago, Camden Grandview introduced uptown Charlotte to luxury living and now the best just got even better!



Don’t miss your opportunity to get the first look at the grander Camden Grandview.  Join us next Wednesday, July 13th from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening as we show you the best that uptown Charlotte has to offer.  Come experience the brand new upgrades and get a tour of these upscale homes.  With incredible amenities that you will not find anywhere else in the area, you are going to have to see them to believe them.


Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails and enter to win an “Upgrade Your Evening” prize package!  You could win a complimentary stay in the Camden Grandview guest suite along with chauffeured car service and dinner for two in uptown.


The new Camden Grandview is sure to amaze you because it is upgraded, updated and definitely upscale.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Simple Math

It may be summer time, but for just a moment school is back in session.  Can you solve the following math problem?

Where you able to solve it?  If you said that the answer was another Camden Cares event then give yourself a pat on the back!  We were at it again, cleaning and beautifying a local park here in Charlotte.

Abbott Park was the task at hand this time and we hit the ground running.  Together with the Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation, we trimmed dead branches, cleared away an overgrown fence lines, picked up trash and debris and put a little life back into this neighborhood park.

And of course, as with anything we do as a group, we managed to have a little bit of fun:








With another successful project under our belts, we are loving the opportunities to get together and help the community and we cannot wait for our next chance to make a difference!


Making A Difference

The King’s Kitchen has southern food that is good for the stomach, soul and community!


Every once in a while you hear truly inspiring stories of people or organizations who “Always Do The Right Thing” (which happens to be one of Camden’s main values that we strive for).  I recently learned of this restaurant here in Charlotte,NC and thought the story was so great, that I had to share it.  How does a restaurant do the right thing you ask?  Well, this is no ordinary bistro… and by eating there you can actually help people too!

Chef Jim Noble is well-known throughout Charlotte, Winston-Salem and High Point for his exquisite food.  Here in Charlotte, he already runs some of the top gourmet restaurants in town including Noble’s Grille and Rooster’s Wood Fired Kitchen.  His most recent venture is quite different and is here in Charlotte to make a difference in the community and help those in need.  The King’s Kitchen is located in the heart of uptown at 129 West Trade Street and just recently celebrated its first year anniversary on April 22nd.

What makes The King’s Kitchen different is that the restaurant is a non-profit organization.  That’s right; ALL the proceeds go to charities to help feed the hungry both locally and throughout the world.  Like most of Jim Noble’s restaurants, The King’s Kitchen uses mostly organic and locally grown produce to ensure that the freshest and best ingredients go into every dish.  For reasonable prices, customers can enjoy great southern style cuisine and help the community at the same time.   For those of you not located down here… y’all are really missing out on some great food!  The pan-fried chicken, cornbread and banana pudding are the menu specialties and are all out of this world!

The King’s Kitchen also helps the community in another way.  They employ and train what most other people would consider the unemployable and those who are in need of help.  Targeting mostly troubled youth and rehabilitation graduates, The King’s Kitchen employees enter a 40 week training program where they learn leadership and social skills to help put them on the right track.  The goal is to put them on a path to success and help them find a job and then bring in others who are in need of help.

If you are in the area, definitely stop by The King’s Kitchen for some great food that comes with a great feeling of knowing that you are helping someone.    

“I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”   – Edward Everett Hale

Go Green and Save Some Green!

Happy Earth Day!!!!!  Today is the 41st annual Earth Day eggtravaganza (a little Easter sidenote with that coming up. By the way… Happy Easter).  Originally started by a Wisconsin senator in 1970, Earth Day has grown in popularity and is now celebrated in 175 countries each year.

The goal of Earth Day is to inspire awareness for our environment and challenge us to leave the Earth a better place than we found it for future generations.  We only have this one Earth to live on so we better take care of it.  Throughout the country there have been tons of events to bring environmental awareness and give people new ideas of everyday ways to go green.  This past weekend, Charlotte Clean and Green hosted their 4th annual festival and despite the down pour and a 24-hour delay, five thousand people showed up and learned of innovative ideas to reserve natural resources, save energy and money and provide for healthier living.

Now, there is no need to quit your job and move to the rainforest  to do your part and save the trees :) because there are so many smaller ways that if we all participated, we would make a huge impact.  Now I am in no way an expert on green living and I know that there is a lot more that I could do, but that got me thinking… why don’t I do more?

There seems to be a presumption that those of us who live in apartments cannot really do all that much to go green at home.  And while we can’t install solar panels on the roof to use energy from the sun or reconfigure the building, there are a lot of other things we can do.  If you don’t live under a rock, you have probably heard of compact fluorescent light bulbs.  CFLs use a lot less energy, last longer than incandescent bulbs and are better for the earth when thrown away.   Unplugging electronics and smaller appliances can save approximately 8% on your annual electric bills according to, and of course recycling and reusing is a great way to keep reusable products out of our landfills.  The Green Your Apartment website has a ton of great information on how to make your apartment green.

Camden has jumped on the Green bandwagon and taken an idea and made it super easy for our residents.  Recycling is now easier than ever you really don’t have to add any extra work to what you already do.  Many of the Camden communities here in Charlotte provide our residents with a Valet Waste service.  They come five days a week and pick up your trash right from your door and they now pick up your recycling too!  You do not even have to separate them out, simply put all of your recyclables  in a separate bag next to your trash can for pick up.  The recycling bags are blue so that we can tell the difference.


Well that was easy!! Could recycling be any simpler? Check with your Camden community today to see if you are able to take advantage of this easy recycling program.  Remember, going green is not only good for the Earth, but can save you some green too!

Extreme Makeover: Simsbury Edition

BREAKING NEWS!! We are very excited to announce the upgrades that we are doing throughout Charlotte!  Multiple properties in and around the Charlotte area are in the process of going through exciting renovations and this week we are featuring Camden Simsbury.


Camden Simsbury is seriously, the hidden gem of Charlotte!  Do you need an escape from the hustle and bustle of city living but love the convenience of being close to everything?  Then Simsbury is the perfect new home for you!  The community of Simsbury is a boutique scale community of only 100 units nestled away in a private neighborhood setting surrounded by trees and natural areas.  If you are looking for this quaint community on our website, you will not find it.   It is the second phase of Camden Foxcroft and is organized by the Foxcroft team.

Simsbury residents have access to approximately 5 miles of walking trails winding all through the Foxcroft neighborhood.  While it is quiet and tree lined, Simsbury is still a part of South Park’s exclusive lifestyle.  Located only minutes away from South Park Mall and Phillips Place, Camden Simsbury is just a hop, skip and a jump away from some of Charlotte’s best shopping and dining. Don’t feel like getting in the car? No problem, residents can walk across the street to enjoy a cup of Caribou coffee or a slice of pizza and a beer at Brixx restaurant.  A short drive will get you into Charlotte’s center city where there are always events going on and tons of things to do. 



Simsbury really does have the best of both worlds and now with the new upgrades, Simsbury has become the triple threat.  They have a prime location near anything you could want in Charlotte, have the quiet and serene setting that is so hard to find AND Simsbury has the modern conveniences of newly updated apartments.  Look at these new kitchens (and check out those stainless steel appliances):

If you can see yourself at Camden Simsbury, be sure to contact the Camden Foxcroft team as soon as possible to reserve your spot at this exclusive community before they are all gone!  You can call Camden Foxcroft at 704-365-1903 or email them at

Interviews… Camden Style

By now I am sure you are all faithful readers of our blog.   And if you have learned anything about Camden up to this point or if you work for Camden, you know that we are not your everyday, average company.  We are able to reach unbelievable goals and somehow we manage to make it all fun.  We can be having a serious meeting one minute and have a pink gorilla disrupt the meeting for a special birthday surprise the next (or so I have recently learned). We work hard so that we can play hard.

So last week we went on a recruiting mission to find some future Camden superstars who are ready to be a part of one of the greatest companies around.  Now I may be a little biased (as a former Virginia Tech Hokie) but Blacksburg, VA is still one of my favorite places on earth! There is a program at Virginia Tech that offers a degree in Property Management and is probably the best program at VT (again there make be a tinge of biased as a former graduate). Students have amazing opportunities to get hands on experience through internships and every year the job fair brings together major companies from across the country. It is a great way to find some stellar employees who are ready to learn and who already have the passion for and a background in property management.

Tom, Carrie, me, Joya and Katie at our Career Fair booth.

Camden has been a supporter of the Virginia Tech program for quite a while now and we made the trip to Blacksburg for the career fair last week.  For me, it was like going home after being gone for way too long and man, was it good to be back.  The weather never ceases to amaze me, 75 degrees and sunny at noon, raining by 4 and 30 degrees at night… Any other Hokie knows exactly what I’m talking about.  We met a ton of remarkable students who would all be great candidates!  Some them were looking for summer internships and others for full time positions after graduation in May.  I was in the student’s shoes just one short year ago and it was so much fun to be on the other side of the table this year.

Katie Thacker and I are both Virginia Tech graduates who went back to find future Camden Superstars!

In what is quickly becoming tradition, many of the companies each take a few students out to dinner the night before the career fair. It is an opportunity to interact in a more laid back setting and have a little bit of fun. So where would Camden bring students to dinner you ask? A Japanese steakhouse, obviously!  We got dinner and a show… And not just from our chef.  Somehow in casual conversation it came up that one of our VT students was really good at catching grapes in midair with his mouth so without question we had to test this claim. There were not any grapes on hand at the table so the next logical solution… Shrimp.  Usually at some point during these types of dinners the chef throws shrimp into the air for each of the table members to catch in their mouths, but after hearing all of our talk about the amazing grape catcher our chef decided to up the anti (for non-poker players… Raise the bar).  He prepared 10 shrimp for Neil to catch on his own.  So naturally our first reaction is to videotape it and thank goodness we did because not only where shrimp flying through the air at a rapid fire pace but Neil caught EVERY SINGLE ONE!  Talk about making an impression on potential employers, we were in awe.  So now for your viewing pleasure, with Neil’s permission, I give you the next YouTube sensation:

We are thinking that this type of test should be incorporated into all interviews. Do you think that you have what it takes? Meet you at the nearest Japanese steakhouse!

If you would like to consider working for one of the best companies around, check out all of our job openings on our website.

And the Winner Is…

What if people from where you lived showed up at your office and gave you an i-Pad?  Would you be ecstatic? Jump for joy?  Would you need a pinch to realize it’s not a dream?  Last week we surprised the i-Pad winner at work to give him his prize!

All through the month of February, Camden partnered up with one of our Elite Benefit companies, The Shaw Group here in Charlotte.  Any Shaw employee who toured at one of the four uptown Camden communities was eligible to enter the drawing for the i-Pad.  Now that the ballots have been collected, the winner has been drawn!  Congratulations Doug on winning a brand new i-Pad!


Thank you to all Shaw employees who entered!


We surprised Doug last week at his office to deliver his prize and he was certainly shocked, to say the least.  He even stopped by the next day to let us know how happy he was and that he had to go out and get a new case to keep it in.

So congratulations Doug and have fun with your new i-Pad!

Your Easy Button Has Arrived!

I know we all love the commercials where the people in the office push a big red button and all of their work is completed automatically.  There are definitely days that I wish I had an easy button and while we wish we could help with ALL of your daily tasks, Camden has rolled out a new website to make certain ones much easier.

The new My Camden website is dedicated to all Camden residents and is another way that we strive to live up to our promise of providing Living Excellence.  Residents can now easily access their Camden account at  The new website will make it very easy to pay rent online and it allows residents to schedule rent payments in advance.  Once logged onto, the current balance due will be right there on the opening page.  Residents are also able to submit a service request online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will even be able to check the status of submitted service requests from anywhere at anytime. 


The new Camden resident website is here to simplify your life.

Need to get in contact with the office real quick?  There is a link on to e-mail the leasing office.  Simply shoot us a quick e-mail and we will respond as soon as we can.  Our office hours and phone number are also on the front page for quick reference and so are the numbers for other utilities you may need such as Time Warner Cable. 

One of the coolest features of the new website is that Camden has gone mobile!  You can now access the My Camden website from anywhere using your Smart Phone.  So even if you are nowhere near a computer, but need to check on something at home, you can!  Current residents can log into the My Camden website on their smart phones and do anything that you could from your computer.  In keeping up with the newest technology, prospective residents are also able search all Camden communities across the country and even lease an apartment from their Smart Phone.

For residents who already pay rent online, you will be able to use the same log in name and password at access all the new features on the new website!  Enjoy the new conveniences provided at and don’t forget… today is the first, so if you don’t already, you can start paying rent online today!

Want to Win an iPad?



Time is running out for our February give away!  Here in Charlotte, Camden has paired up with The Shaw Group Inc. (one of the companies in our Elite Benefits program) to give away an iPad at the end of this month.  That’s right… an iPAD! 

To win the prize, employees of The Shaw Group can register when they visit any of the four uptown Charlotte communities (Camden Cotton Mills, Camden Dilworth, Camden South End or Camden Grandview).  There is no purchase necessary and we will draw the winner at the end of the month, so hurry in to register before time runs out!

Employees of Shaw (and employees of all of our Elite Benefit companies) also receive additional benefits when they move into any Camden community.  Some of these include waived application and administrative fees, waived apartment deposits and pet deposits as well as easy cancellation options!  Be sure to check and see if your company is a part of our program or for more information about joining either of our employee benefits programs please contact your local Camden office.

I am completely obsessed with my iPad and I am sure that whoever wins this one will have a blast with it as well.  So hurry in to register because the end of February is right around the corner (don’t forget that February only has 28 days)!

Can you feel the love tonight?

Valentine’s Day is here and whether you love the holiday or think it is a scam created by greeting card companies, one thing is for sure; it is a great time to have a party!  Our party was hosted by the four uptown communities, Camden Cotton Mills, Camden Grandview, Camden Dilworth and Camden South End.  Residents from all four communities met at The Westin hotel and enjoyed food and drink specials throughout the evening.  We even gave away a free night at the Westin and dinner for two at Ember Grille!


Throughout the rest of Charlotte, we are showing our love for our residents.  Camden South End hosted a Valentine’s breakfast for all of their residents as they headed off to work.


Camden Habersham and Camden Sedgebrook put together Valentine’s themed baskets to give away to the winning resident.


 And Camden Cotton Mills passed out Valentines to all of their residents.


So Happy Valentine’s Day (or Anti-Valentine’s Day, whichever you decide to celebrate)!

Adios, Sayonara, Goodbye 2010

Move over 2010, because 2011 is here and is quickly taking over.  It is time to clean out the filing cabinets and box up or shred what is left of 2010, but before we completely discard an entire year I thought it would be fun to look back and remember all the fun that we had.

Camden stayed busy the entire year, throughout all of the communities across the country.  If I even attempted to recall all of the great things we did, it would take the next month to read this blog.  So instead let’s hit the highlights and save everyone a lot of time!

 Perhaps one of the biggest things that happened in Camden world during 2010 was being name to Fortune Magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” in the country!  For the third year in a row we made the list and not only were we recognized, but this year we made the top 10! To date, we are the only multifamily company to be included.  It is hard to put into words how great it is to be a part of such an awesome company, so I will show you instead.  Last May at the annual manager’s conference in Houston, 400 employees from 79 cities put together a surprise dance and performed during the conference, it was total “flash dance” style.  Who else could put this together?



Also in 2010, we joined this blogosphere where you can now stay on top of all the fabulous things we do.  And from that we got this great photo:


What a great looking bunch!

We even found some time to give back to our local communities through Camden Cares and various other service projects.  Most regions volunteered and put together a Camden Cares project to help the local community, we also joined the fight throughout October to end breast cancer, we raised money for United Way, we donated to help the local police force in Tampa get and train a police dog, we supported Alzheimer’s research, and I’ll stop there because I could literally I could go on and on. 

Here in Charlotte alone we cleaned up a local park, supported the Susan G. Komen Race for The Cure to end breast cancer, hosted numerous food drives, a blood drive and a toy drive.  We put together tons of events for our residents as well.  We had pool parties, festivals, holiday parties, tailgates and all kinds of other get togethers.  If there was something to celebrate, we turned it into a party.  Camden even ranked number 8 in the Charlotte Business Journal’s list of 2010 Best Places to Work.

The Charlotte team at Camden Cares


Camden Cotton Mills 4th Annual White Party




Of course whenever the Camden teams come together we manage to find some time to have a little bit of fun too.  Whether it is the company picnic or the holiday parties, we can ensure that it is going to be a good time.  How can you not have fun with this group?

While 2010 gave us so many things to be thankful for and so many memories, it is now time to look towards to 2011.  Once you give up on that same New Years resolution that you promise to do every year, we can start working on how to really make 2011 even better than 2010.  It is the start of a new decade, and the forecasts are looking great!  So thank you to everyone who made 2010 with Camden such a great year and here’s to making 2011 the best year yet.  Cheers!

The Gift of Giving

The holidays are upon us and it is time for the craziness to begin.  Our to-do lists consist of shopping for that perfect gift, cooking a feast for the family, decorating our homes, scheduling the family get together and of course cleaning for everyone to come over.  It is so easy to get swept up in all of the holiday festivities that we sometimes forget one of the most important parts of the holidays: giving back.

 I know it is sometimes difficult to find the time and the energy to give back, and I am definitely guilty of making excuses, but think of the difference we could make if everyone gave a little.  I am not saying donate your entire paycheck to charity, because there are so many other ways to get involved.  Giving back can be donating your time to help at a local food bank or clothing drive.  Giving can be spending time with a family member or a friend who is going through a tough time and simply listening.  To get into the spirit of giving, all of the Camden communities in Charlotte have teamed with The Salvation Army, Carolinas News Channel 36, and Salsarita’s to help provide Christmas to local children who otherwise would not have a Christmas.  We would like to invite you to be a part of The Magical Toy Drive and help with Camden’s effort to give back.   To join us, you can bring a new, unwrapped toy to any of the 14 Camden locations throughout Charlotte and place them in the collection bins.   If you plan to donate, please drop them off by December 12th so that we can ensure they are ready by Christmas.

 One of my favorite things I have ever volunteered for was delivering presents to a family that was adopted for Christmas through a local business.  Remembering how happy and thankful they were to see us come with the Christmas they would’ve never had still makes me tear up.  It put a lot into perspective and reminded me how lucky I am and how thankful I should be for all that I have.

 If you are looking for a way to help others this holiday, please consider bringing by an unwrapped toy to any of the Camden Welcome Centers.  All donations are greatly appreciated.  To learn more about The Magical Toy Drive and see all of the drop off locations, click here.  What else do you do around the holidays to give back?  We would love to hear about it!  

I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!