Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. I love gathering together with family while the children run around the house, the men yell at the football game playing on the TV, and the women laugh and talk about everything under the sun. Thanksgiving is one of the few times a year where we can all gather in one place and simply enjoy one another and catch up on everything that has happened since the last gathering. If you are like me, family time is a cherished time and there is simply nothing better than gathering around and enjoying one another. Of course who can forget that massive meal that happens on Thanksgiving! The one day a year you are allowed to wear your “fat” pants and dig in and NOT count the calories. Calorie counting is absolutely not allowed on Thanksgiving Day!


Have you recently thought about the true meaning of Thanksgiving and where the tradition originated? Typically when we gather for the holidays this is not a conversation topic that comes up. I believe that there are times in life in the midst of the hustle and bustle that we need to stop and think and remember why we celebrate certain occasions and why it is still important and relevant to us today.

Thanksgiving is more than just the story of the Pilgrims and Indians. Thanksgiving was first celebrated in 1621 by the Pilgrims and Indians. It was later adopted by President Abraham Lincoln and nationally recognized as a holiday in 1863. As we all know, Thanksgiving is celebrated every 4th Thursday in November. But what does this mean? Thanksgiving is 2 separate words; Thanks and Giving. Therefore, this holiday is a national day for giving thanks and for sharing. Counting our blessings at the family dinner table is one way, however, the holiday consumes much more than that. It goes beyond simply our immediate family and friends and being thankful for far more than just the blessings and riches we have received. The Holiday reminds us to share our economic and material wealth, and to share also our time and talents with other people who could use our help. This is the season to put into perspective the abundance of riches in our own lives by aiding those less fortunate.  Giving your time and sharing your resources with those who are not as blessed as you are is the true meaning of Thanksgiving. This is demonstrated all year-long, not just on one day. Thanksgiving Day is a designated day to reflect, praise, and celebrate with those closest to you as you discuss the ways you have given and shared all year-long. The Holiday is much broader and encompasses a great deal more than we realize and celebrate.

Give Thanks

As you gather with your loved ones this joyous holiday season, I urge you to celebrate the true meaning behind Thanksgiving and remember to be thankful for all of your blessings that you have received throughout the year. Even the smallest of blessings are still blessings worth celebrating. Continue to be thankful for all you have and will continue to receive and always remember to pay it forward to those less fortunate than yourself.

We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy these small moments that will turn in to lasting memories.

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Do you like fresh fruits and vegetables?

The Cedar Park Farmers Market is a fun event that takes place every Saturday in the Lakeline Mall parking lot from 9am-1pm. Vendors come from all over Central Texas to sell their products and goods. It’s a great opportunity to try fresh fruit, vegetables and other great local foods. The Farmers Market takes place every Saturday year round – Rain or Shine – Go check it out!

The official event location is:
11200 Lakeline Mall Drive
Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Check out the website: http://www.texasfarmersmarket.org/cedar-park/

Why Does My Heater Smell?


Now that winter is upon us in North Texas, I thought it might be good to repost an oldie but goodie!

Originally posted on Simply Camden:

WeatherI love crisp fall days!
I’m a Texas girl born and raised, but I absolutely hate summers. In fact, although I can hear a collective “NERD” reverberate around the nation, I dislike summer so much that I actually know the official name for the opposite of hibernation – aestivation. Yep! I tend to go dormant from June-August.
Although a good deal of the world believes the Hollywood image of Texas as a desert wasteland

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Image Credit: synthgear.com

I love music. I would say that about 75% of my day is comprised of listening to music. When I am at work, I listen to the satellite radio that is provided. When I am in the car, I will play my favorite songs purchased on iTunes. Even on TV shows and movies that I watch, there is music involved. What I can’t stand about music is when you get a song stuck in your head.

Most of my life is spent working in the office here at Camden Fairfax Corner. We have a very lively staff, and we are very vocal at times (I mean in a good way).  In between phone calls and helping out current and future residents, we frequently sing. I mean every day, never fails.


Image Credit: someecards.com

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Better safe than sorry… That’s what they say right? Well it’s what I like to go by. The holidays are bittersweet for me, mostly because it seems to be one minor disaster after another.  But I say let’s change it up this year!

For most of us in the southern climates it’s only once in a blue moon that we use our heater and then there are some of us that never cook and we eat pre-made meals (I love my microwave). However, you cannot always rely on something working if you don’t use it daily or even once awhile.  Let us help you with that.

apartment ready turkeyBe Prepared:

It’s a great idea to test your oven before Thanksgiving Day weekend to ensure everything is in working order to avoid any delays.  If you find your oven is not working/heating properly, contact your Camden community.

Stay Warm:

With our temperate climate in the south, heating systems can go unused for many months. After sitting idle during our long stretches of warm weather, some elements of your heating system may have accumulated a layer of dust. When you turn on your heat for the first time during the fall/winter season, that dust will burn off and emit an odor that circulates through your ductwork and into your apartment home. These are the most likely causes of the burning smell in your apartment home at the beginning of the season. So open your windows and turn on the fan, allow 15 minutes for it to fade away. If it continues to smell/smoke contact your Camden community.

Let’s us help you make this a positive holiday experience with these simple tips.

Last week I had the chance to attend an event at Elaine Turner’s Rice Village store here in Houston, TX. Elaine Turner is a Texas-based luxury lifestyle brand for women made up of accessories, shoes, handbags and apparel. Bloggers and fans of Elaine Turner mingled among the vibrant pink walls and glittering merchandise while munching pink popcorn and sipping champagne.

Elaine unveiled the first five minutes of her new YouTube docu-series, Elaine’s Big Life, premiering November 5, 2014. Elaine herself is the President and Creative Director of Elaine Turner and the new video diary series will highlight the “glamorous (and at times, not so glamorous) life of a fashion designer.” The five minutes were filled with an upbeat, quirky Elaine taking us on the journey of her day to day at Elaine Turner. Not only did we get a glimpse of how a fashion designer conducts business, but we saw it through Elaine’s wide Texas eyes, full of fun and mischief! The series promises a load of laughs and inner-office pranks, but also a stirring story of a talented woman trying to make a difference in the world.

Follow the new YouTube Docu-Series chronicling Elaine Turner's Big Life

Follow the new YouTube Docu-Series chronicling Elaine Turner’s Big Life

As she introduced the five minute preview Elaine said, “This is about the inspiring journey that I’ve been on for fifteen years and I want it to inspire others and their dreams.” The series will reveal Elaine’s brand and lifestyle at a critical time in her luxury brand’s life- as it enters the national scene. Additionally, Elaine is an activist for breast cancer awareness and created a collection this fall benefitting the Cancer Support Community.

With multiple locations across Texas and a Madison Ave location in New York, Elaine Turner is making a name for herself, but this fun and upbeat gal with her Big Texas Hair remains a local treasure. Here at Camden, we love to support local businesses, especially ones like Elaine Turner with such big hearts for giving back. Currently our Camden Spring Creek, Camden Greenway and Camden La Frontera communities can enjoy the close proximity of an Elaine Turner store. Camden Riverwalk can take advantage of Elaine Turner’s new Southlake store and the residents of Camden Post Oak will be able to enjoy a short walk to her upcoming location at San Felipe and Post Oak Blvd.

Watch the trailer below and to tune into Elaine’s Big Life each week subscribe to her YouTube page here!

Daylight Saving Time


Falling Back

This Sunday morning, many Americans will set their clocks one hour back to end Daylight Saving Time, which occurs in the spring when most states move the clock ahead one hour whereby the sun rises one hour later and sets one hour later than otherwise. This weekend, it’s time to fall back to Standard Time.
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