Honest food that tastes really good. Photo courtesy of True Food Kitchen.

Honest food that tastes really good. Photo courtesy of True Food Kitchen.

True Food Kitchen recently opened their first Texas location in the Houston Galleria area. Having eaten there before in both Arizona and California, I was totally stoked. I’m not a health food nut in any way, shape, or form. Honestly, had someone else not taken me there, it’s probably not a restaurant I would frequent on my own. After having tried the food and some of the cocktails, I can admit I’m hooked.

Here’s what True Food Kitchen has to say about their menu:

“You don’t have to be a die-hard Yogi to dine at True Food Kitchen. You need only a desire to give your body nutrients, and your palate something memorable. The basis for the anti-inflammatory diet isn’t meant to deprive a healthy body of great flavors, it’s meant to take popular trends in cuisine and pair them with healthy living.”

Photo courtesy of True Food Kitchen.

Photo courtesy of True Food Kitchen.

I highly recommend taking a detour to try out the new location and its great fare. It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our fabulous Camden Post Oak location!

pumpkin 2


If you find yourself in or around Dallas this weekend and are looking for something Halloweeny (sp?) to do, drop by the Dallas Arboretum to check out their Pumpkin Village. Continue Reading »



My favorite time of year is upon us! The leaves are charging colors; there is a nice crispness to the night air, and the temperatures are steadily dropping. There are parts of the country that are experiencing these fall changes already. I call those people lucky! The part of Texas that I reside in hasn’t started the transformation to the fall season but there are subtle signs that it is coming! When fall blesses us with its presence I will be ready!

I love this time of year for so many reasons. Many love fall because it is football season, or it is the start of the holiday season, or perhaps the decline in temperature. I love fall because of the decorations! I LOVE FALL COLORS! The color pallet associated with fall is my all-time favorite. The reds, browns, golds, and oranges are perfect and resemble the changing colors of the leaves outdoors. The colors are very welcoming and create warmth within the home. This is the time of year to bring out all of those fall decorations and enjoy the season! Not sure where to start? Let me help you with some simple tips to get your house fall ready!

Pick a theme. Decide what look you want to achieve in your home. Do you want a traditional fall set up? Pumpkins and pinecones not your thing? That is ok! Perhaps you want to use the fall colors but with a trendy look? There are several ways you can bring a fall look into your home with nontraditional design elements. No worries there, we got you covered. These two looks are very different but can achieve the same goal. Either way is a great way to enjoy this time of year, you just need to decide which look is the best look for you and your home. You cannot go wrong when you are decorating for fall!

Accessories. You need to accessorize your fall look. Traditional fall decorations typically include tapestries and runners that emboss the typical fall colors. Garlands and swags with heavy leaves colored in your rustic hues that resemble the leaves falling outside are a great way to accessorize your tables, mantels, and archways. Adding a few pumpkins/squash, acorns, pinecones, and berries will help give you an overall fall touch. If you really want to go out all out with your fall looks, you can add some fun scarecrows, corn stalks, bushels of hay, and a few owls that will really make your home feel like fall.

If you are choosing a nontraditional look for your fall décor there are lots of things you can bring in to create this look as well. Clear glass containers are a great way to add pops of color to any room for any reason or season. You can get whatever fun clear glass container your want and make it is a fun and funky as you want it to be. Once you have your container you can be as creative as you want about what you put inside of it. Beans, marbles, rocks/stones, can be layered or mixed up in great fall hues to give you that fall pop of color you are after. Candles are another great decorating tool. You can get a wide variety of colors as well as sizes. Wrapping them in burlap, ribbons, or even accessorizing them with cinnamon sticks, leaves, gems, etc. will be another fun way to bring the season in. Letters are very common in decorating today. You can frame the letters in simple frames that match your homes current decoration or frame them in your favorite fall color! Spell out the word F-A-L-L or H-A-R-V-E-S-T to accent your favorite table or mantel.

There are several ways to bring the fall in and you will not go wrong with whatever way you choose. Enjoy the season and the fall décor that inspires you and your home! I am confident that you will love your new fall look in your beautiful home at www.camdenliving.com. Check all of the great homes available for you and all of your seasonal decor! Happy Fall!


The fair is here! The fair is here! And the forecast for the week here in Raleigh, North Cackalacki? Downright. Perfect.

I am so looking forward to going to the fair this year. Last time it was here, I was 6 months pregnant and was not able to enjoy it like I normally do. Now I’m positively (and disturbingly) excited to bump into 1,015 strangers, eat a Turkey leg, endure the sound of a million loud screams, go through five bottles of sanitizer, overspend on a game I know is rigged, gain five pounds of pure fried food and simply be a kid again. I’m wondering how many of our residents feel the same way? I am betting out of all of the residents at Camden communities in Raleigh and Charlotte that will go to the fair this year, over half do. At least that is what I am telling myself.

If there is one thing the fair offers… Continue Reading »


135 Camden employees from DC, Maryland, and Virginia at the World War II memorial

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014, the mid-Atlantic region of Camden participated in an amazing event. Camden Cares partnered with Honor Flight Network to Welcome Veteran’s flying in from Fort Worth, TX and Kansas City, MO to Washington DC.

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You can definitely tell that fall is here in Atlanta. The leaves are changing, cooler weather has rolled in and there is a flood of festivals, attractions and events. We all love this time of year because we can enjoy the outdoors without suffering the heat and humidity. With that being said, Atlanta stacks the calendar with things to do for people of all ages. We have events for children such as Boo at the Zoo  and for adults we have Netherworld, one of the scariest haunted houses in the world. Here are some of my favorite events and those that I am most looking forward to.

Netherworld: We all hate to be scared but at the same time, secretly we enjoy the thrill. I figured why not get into the spirit by attending the 3rd scariest haunted house in the world and dragging my friend along. I will tell you that we are definitely in the spirit now! This giant house in Norcross featured 200 animated monsters, and employs almost 100 live actors to scare the crap out of any willing participant that walks through the door. The long drive added to the lure as we felt as though we were driving straight into a Stephen King movie. In the dark hallways we held hands like little girls and at one point my friend was actually crying and yelling at me for making her do this. She swore she would never speak to me again. Luckily we survived the witches and blood thirsty monsters and have a true understanding as to why it was featured on the “Travel Channel’s “Best Halloween Attractions for 2014”. I made a deal with my friend to attend whatever event she chose. That deal is leading us to a craft beer festival!

photo courtesy of jesuitcrusader.org

photo courtesy of jesuitcrusader.org

Georgia Craft Beer Festival: This one I can’t speak about from experience but I can’t wait to go! This event is boasting over 30 breweries, endless food trucks and more than 100 craft beers. This is the perfect event for all types of beer drinkers! We are going to taste all the local and seasonal beers you could ever consume in one day all in one place. This event is on held on the 25th in Candler Park. General admission covers the live music and the beer we will be sampling from brewers like Blue Tarp Brewing Co, Monday Night Brewing and Atlanta’s most popular Sweetwater Brewing Co. Sounds like a great idea right?  Probably not the best thing to do the night before a big race! That brings me to my next must do event!

Atlanta 10 Miler: One thing this fall weather brings is race after race throughout the area! This is a new run that is only in its 2nd year and the second part in the Triple Peach that is held on the 26th. I did this race last year in preparation for the Thanksgiving Half Marathon. What I remember of this race last year was the perfect weather, 8 miles uphill, and feeling sorry for the marathoners that had to finish 26.2 with all those hills in the last 10 miles. Not to mention a great run up the properly named Cardiac Hill! This may not sound fun to many of you but it is a great run that starts at Atlantic Station and travels through residential Buckhead and finishes with a run down our beloved Peachtree Road. No worries, there is also a 5K, miles of locals cheering you on and Halloween decorated areas to make the time fly by! Any runner out there knows that the one thing you want after a race, FOOD!

Cardiac Hill

Photo courtesy of atlantasrunnersblog.com

Taste of Atlanta: You may have not been to this in the past but you surely have heard about it. Last year I attended this after the race and it was a perfect ending to a very long day! This is the 3 day food fest that features over 90 of the best restaurants from all over the Atlanta area, located in Midtown’s Tech Square. Here you will find many of Ford Fry’s restaurants like JCT Kitchen, The Optimist and No. 246. Not to mention the sampling of restaurants like Bartaco, Rosebud and Iberian Pig! It’s not just food either. They have a ton of different activities including a Barcraft Competition featuring some of the best mixologists around, live music and a Big Green Egg Grilling Experience! With all of the amazing restaurants in the area, this is the best way to sample them all and pick your favorite!


There is an unlimited amount of things to do in Atlanta this time of year. Hopefully you will get out and explore as I did and experience everything this great city has to offer!

Camden Cares: USO

It is October 3rd,2014. All of the Charlotte Metro Camden Properties are closed for the day. Why you might ask? Well, doing good things of course! The Camden Cares volunteer effort was in full swing all day long! The September/October Camden Cares initiative focused on working with the Charlotte based chapter of the USO (United Service Organizations).

Many may remember that throughout the month of September all Camden Properties in Charlotte had a donation box set up in the Welcome Center. We were asking anyone to donate unopened, new goods to the USO.

Senior Airman, Della Creech of the 81st Aerial Port Squadron stands near the amazing donation box belonging to Camden Sedgebrook in Huntersville, NC

Senior Airman, Della Creech of the 81st Aerial Port Squadron stands near the amazing donation box belonging to Camden Sedgebrook in Huntersville, NC

For those that do not know what USO is, here a brief historical explanation. The USO is a “non profit organization that provides programs, services and live entertainment to the US troops and their families”. Founded by President Franklin D Roosevelt at the start of the second World War in 1941, the USO’s primary goal was to “provide morale and recreation services to US uniformed military personnel”. The USO was responsible for the uplifting deliveries of food, drink, magazines, letters and live entertainment for the soldiers directly from the Homefront. This was a great way to keep the morale of the soldiers lifted during dark times. Celebrities from Mickey Rooney, Bob Hope and even the lovely Marilyn Monroe traveled both the USA and abroad to perform for the soldiers, free of charge.

Marilyn Monroe performing in Korea, 1954 photo courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

Marilyn Monroe performing in Korea, 1954
photo courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

This month, Camden Cares was a part of a historically long superstar lineup. The Charlotte’s initiative was focused on writing “Thank You” cards to members of our actively serving military personnel and making para cord bracelets. Employees from both the office staff and maintenance staff joined forces making and writing these items. To anyone who has ever volunteered in either of these two categories, you know how difficult this was. The para cord braiding was complex. Having to remember each pattern while following the repetitive nature of the braiding itself was oftentimes painful – both physically and mentally. The “Thank You” card writing was equally taxing. Although scripts were provided to help us along, many of the writers were freelance writing cards. This work was almost as hard as lifting weights. It is truly amazing what humans can do when love and dedication are part of the task.

Para cord braiding

Para cord braiding

By the end of the day, 1,536 para cord bracelets had been made, 316 “Thank you” cards had been written and the Charlotte chapter USO stated that this donation had been “one of the largest they’ve received in over 2 years”.

Throughout this experience I was reminded of the fact that this great country we all call “home” was not born free. The freedom we all enjoy today was earned by the brave men and women that risk their lives for strangers everyday. It was nice to be able to give back. To know that someone will smile while reading our letters, that a life might be saved by wearing a para cord bracelet we braided. Each and every one of us should be grateful for the kindness an unknown person shows us everyday by securing our safety and maintaining our freedom.

Our community service day was a huge success and a wonderful learning experience for those of that were able to take part. With that being said, Camden would like to thank the Charlotte chapter USO for allowing us to be part of this age old organization that never ceases doing good things for others.

Camden would also like to thank the brave men and women of our Armed Forces, both past and present. Know that you have a nation standing behind you.

Camden Loves Our Troops 2014

Camden Loves Our Troops 2014


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