I was in Pier 1 Imports the other day picking up my new dishes and what did I see? Fall decorations AND Halloween decorations…already. It felt like when Hallmark puts out Valentine’s Day cards in October and grocery stores put out Easter candy in February. I shook my head and giggled slightly. I may or may not have thrown in an unnoticeable eye roll. But then it hit me. It’s almost fall and technically Halloween, the way this year has flown by, will be here before any of us realize it. Then the excitement set in. I love fall. Like seriously love it.  If it was something I could marry, I would.  The last few mornings I was able to walk out on my patio and feel that slight chill in the air that makes me so content with life.

So what I am going to do is give you a little fall, a little early. That way you’re prepared and fall into the spirit (get it?!).

Fall Decor Idea

Chevron Painted Pumpkins Photo Credit : www.interiorsbystudiom.com

Chevron Painted Pumpkins
Photo Credit : http://www.interiorsbystudiom.com

Now either we are ourselves or have that one Aunt who changes out the decor for every season and every single holiday. Whether you do or not, you can certainly appreciate adding just a touch of the season to your home. It can be the tiniest shift in your decor to a wall-to-wall makeover. Hey, who are we to judge? Southern Living has awesome ideas from tablescapes to small touches of things you can do to incorporate fall themes into your home. Stay classy, Southern Living. I personally am obsessed with painted pumpkins like the ones above. They make me feel fancy.

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Image courtesy of University of Houston

Image courtesy of University of Houston

Have you ever made a bucket list? Just a simple list of things you want to do by a set time. I’m currently working on one with some friends for things we want to do in the next 12 months around Houston. Creating this list was not that easy, but after some help from the internet and Pinterest, I was able to find lots of great ideas. Turns out there are already some Houston “bucket lists” created for you to take a look at!


Houston Press Bucket List

Houston Chronicle Bucket List

Wall Street Journal – One Weekend in Houston

Solana Beach Pizza Port photo credit to pizzaport.com

Solana Beach Pizza Port photo credit to pizzaport.com

So if you’ve lived in Northern San Diego for a while, you know you’ve heard of Pizza Port.  Since moving to San Diego 12 years ago I had heard the name over and over and had even seen their signature beers all over the place.  Only recently was I finally able to dine at Pizza Port and if definitely met expectations.  My first expectation was that it would be crowded, so we showed up early.  There was a small line when we got there, but by the time Continue Reading »

center piece on table tops

Center piece on table tops

It’s that time of year that makes us all shed a tear. Summer is coming to an end and we are all doing our summer parties. This year we decided to have a Sunday Funday Brunch by the pool for our community. What is Sunday Funday you ask? Well it’s brunch on Sunday with all of your closest friends.  So we decided to invite the whole property to come down for some crapes, massages, and cocktails by the pool. Our turn out was amazing as it seems like people like to go out for Sunday Funday.

Main and Jamboree Summer Brunch

Main and Jamboree Summer Brunch

This summer has been a lot warmer than previous years and we had to take that into consideration for the Sunday funday event. We hosted the event by the pool and that made it really easy to do the nautical theme. We used sailboats, light houses, and life preservers for the inspiration for the nautical theme and it also served as our background for the event. No party is complete if you don’t include a photo booth area with our custom hash-tag so residents can look back at pictures of the party forever.

Most Amazing Crepe's from the Crape Maker Irvine, Ca.

Most Amazing Crepe’s from the Crape Maker Irvine, Ca.

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This year has certainly flown by! Before we know it will be time to put on the scarves, hats and boots and decorate for the holidays! Here in Atlanta children have already returned to school! It’s sad but true—summer is almost officially over! “Yes the end is near!” (Please feel free to insert awkward chuckle) But don’t worry there are still some fun things to enjoy before it’s completely over. Here is a quick list on “How to to live the end of the summer to the max!”

concert pic

Concerts- Many musical acts are touring around the country during the summer! Some are FREE which are always great to attend! Usually at nearby park location so don’t forget to bring your blanket and lawn chairs! Then there are concerts which may not be free but depending on how much you love that musical act—you may end paying a pretty penny! I had the pleasure of going to the On the Run Tour starring Beyonce and Jay Z and I had the time of my life! Summer was definitely made for concerts! Something in the summer air just makes you want to dance—but please dont’t break a hip! Continue Reading »

Kids Summer Pic
Kids are out for summer and if your children are anything like mine the only thing you are hearing is; “I’m bored!” When they are in school they are ready for summer but when summer gets here they want to be entertained all day. Summer camps and day outings can get expensive if you are trying to entertain kids daily throughout the summer. To help cure the summer boredom blues, I have come up with some cheap fun activities to do throughout the days of summer vacation.

1. Water Play – When it’s hot outside there is nothing better than cooling off with some water activities. Swimming is always a great activity that will entertain your kids most of the day; however, there are other forms of water play as well. The good ole’ sprinkler system! Grab a water hose and a sprinkler and let them run through it and around it. My kids like to ride their bikes around it and get wet. Water guns are another great way to incorporate water into their activities. Allowing them to run around and squirt one another and objects helps the day go by in a fun way.
2. Movie Night – Redbox movies are $1 for a one night rental. Pick a family friendly movie and curl up together and have family movie night. Grab the blankets and lots of pillows for all to spread out and lounge around on. Pop some popcorn in the microwave and you have yourself a movie night!
3. Kids Free Day – During the summer months many of the local establishments will have free admittance for kids on set days of the week. Many of the local museums, zoos, amusement parks, movie theatres, etc. have designated days in which kids get in for free or at a discounted price. Decide which places you want to go and have an inexpensive day out with the kids. Your kids will love getting out and doing something fun and different and your pocket book will thank you as well.
4. Arts/Crafts Day – Every child beams when their art work is on display for all to see. Gathering some blank papers, with colors, markers, finger paints, etc is fun way to let kids express their creative side! Make an afternoon of arts and crafts and then tape the paintings and drawings around the house like an art display for all to see. Take a tour around the house and marvel at all of the creativity!
5. Library – Local libraries will have designated spots throughout the day that is for children time. Volunteers will come in and read several books to the children. Children love to read and hear stories. Taking them to the local library gets them out of the house and around other kids to hear story time. Once story time is over you can urge your child to pick out a couple of books to take home to enjoy.
6. Backyard Camp Out – One thing my boys love is our backyard campouts! They love to sleep under the stars and pull out the tents and sleeping bags. Pack a few small snacks and meals and make a night of storytelling and star watching! If you have access to a fire pit enjoy s’mores with your backyard camp out! Your kids will love it!
7. Volunteer Services – A great way to get your kids involved and impact them as well as your community is to volunteer. Children are never too young to start learning how to give back. Several service organizations are designed to help children and families. Boys and Girls clubs, St. Jude’s Hospital, and Ronald McDonald House all service children and families and are great organizations to get your kids involved in. Serving others and keeping them entertained throughout the day is a win for all!

Summer is a time for lots of fun activities! Energy levels are high and it seems like there is never enough to do to keep them entertained. Hopefully these ideas of low cost budget friendly ideas will help in curing the summer time boredom blues! Safe Summer activities to each of you and your home at www.camdenliving.com will be waiting for you when you return!

Photo: emptytheshelter.org

Photo: emptytheshelter.org

You only have to talk to me for about 5 minutes before you will find out that I am passionately in love with all three of my children – my two beautiful daughters and my adorable fur “son”, Dingo.

How on earth can you not fall in love with those ears!!

How on earth can you not fall in love with those ears!!

I didn’t have dogs growing up, so I had no Continue Reading »


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