You know what’s fun?

I’ll tell you: new shower curtains! With this one piece of fabric, you can change your entire bathroom. Shower curtains are fun, easy, and require no assembly. I personally enjoy bright, graphic ones, so here are some of the best wesbites (and their best curtains) for your Monday morning shopping bug:


CB2's rain or shine shower curtain

1. CB2’s “rain or shine” shower curtain: Can’t decide whether or not you woke up on the right side of the bed? That’s okay, neither can your shower curtain. With just enough color to keep you happy in the sunshine, but just enough white space so your eyes don’t hate you in the morning, this is the best of both moods (er, worlds). Cost: $39.95

Target's Mickey Mouse shower curtain

2. Target’s Mickey Mouse shower curtain: This online-only shower curtain is adult enough for adults (hey, Mickey is 83!), and whimsical enough for the young at heart (or those with kids, or those with friends with kids). At $24.99, it’s a 100% cotton steal.

ThinkGeek's Ominous curtain

3. The aptly named Ominous Visitor shower curtain from ThinkGeek: For some reason, I find this one really, really funny… which makes me think most men would find it funny, and would appreciate it over something floral or girly. At $17.99, it’s also justifiable as a gag gift or a Halloween decoration.

Weather shower curtain

4. The Weather shower curtain, available here through This is so awesome; what better place to learn about weather than in the shower? This colorful curtain accurately illustrates the entire weather cycle. Unique, colorful, creative, and $29.95.

Uncommon Goods' Movie Shower Curtain

5. Last but certainly not least, my fave of all: A Singing in the Rain shower curtain, courtesy of Uncommon Goods! And it’s only $16! They also have a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea version, and a Yellow Submarine version (hey Beatles fans!) – same price, same awesome.