But there’s nothing to do!

I call shenanigans!  I don’t care where you are, what you’re interested in, or what your budget is.  There is something to do.  Currently, I am without a car in a city with sub-par public transit, and a limited budget thanks to a $40k piece of lamb skin framed in my office.  It is a rarity for me to say there is nothing to do. Too often I have too many options and cannot fit everything in.  When I lived in a thriving city this problem was even worse, I constantly had to choose between friends, venues and activities.  Life is hard… I know.

Living at Camden Miramar, Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi’s student housing, gives me a slight advantage.  Not only do I get the advantage of attending events throughout the city but I have the privilege of attending University Sponsored events (Many of which are open to the community at large).  It is also important to note that I live at a Camden at all.  Our company values fun so even little things can become an adventure.   (To find an apartment in your area click here)

I take this attitude very serious.  Yes, I take my fun very seriously.  Life is short so I make sure I am enjoying myself as much as possible.  To do so I put my finger directly on the pulse of what is going on around me.  I follow blogs like 40 things to do in Corpus Christi both on their site and on facebook.  Facebook pages are great places to hear of any events that are outside of my daily routine or something I may have never heard of.  I also read the paper and skim the ads to see if anything sparks my interest.  Meetup.com has events in almost every city across the country (and they email right to your phone!).  Meetup.com isn’t the only venue which emails me. I signed up to receive monthly updates from local venues. It is effortless and by the end of there are too many options.

The great part is most of what I do is free.  If it isn’t I look for ways to do them for free.  I have joined a street team which gives me free tickets to events if I advertise for them.  It is an hour worth of work for several hours of fun– sounds like a good deal to me. Other ways to participate without paying are: volunteering as event staff, joining a club or organization which will sponsor you, or make really nice friends who are willing to pay for you.

Lastly, there is always the outdoors.  I live in a place where it is 10 days into spring and it feels like summer.  So the beach or pool is always an option.  Otherwise participation in sports will get you out and fill up your schedule.  Most towns have a rugby club (both men’s and women’s teams), a disc golf course, or a softball league within driving distance.  If these sports aren’t your cup of tea search the internet for other options.  Currently, I am in contact with two rugby clubs, a roller derby league, and on a waiting list for a glow kick ball league.

There is plenty to do.  You just have to find it and be willing to try new things.  You may show up and decide that line dancing isn’t your thing but just as likely you may become the next regular at a local trivia game or karaoke bar.

For you stubborn people out there that have gotten this far and you’re still saying, “I’ve done all that and there is still nothing to do!”  I challenge you to change that. Create something.  It doesn’t have to be huge.  You could start a game night with your friends. It doesn’t have to be city-wide but it could be. Why shouldn’t you be the one to start the local dodge ball league?

So what do you do for fun? Let me know!  Maybe I’m missing out on something that I am really awesome at.