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It’s that time of year again when you get to try out new restaurants for a discounted rate. You can go for either lunch or dinner and they usually offer 2 or 3 course meals. This event only happens once a year and it has over 100 different restaurants for you to choose from. The event is for Orange County CA from February 23rd – March 1st 2014.
This is the best deal on food and a great reason to spend time out with your favorite people! Make sure you call all your friends or family and make your reservations now!
This are preset lunches and dinners and they include both appetizers and desserts
Lunch – $10, $15, or $20
Dinner – $20, $30, or $40


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Hypothetically, it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon.  You’re sitting on your sofa and getting lost in your thoughts. One thought that rears its ugly head is that tomorrow is Monday and you just know that your upcoming week is going to be cuh-raze-y and even if it’s not, you just know you’re not going to want to cook every night…or are you? I say you are. It’s not because I’m telling you that you will (although I think it’s reason enough and I like to believe I have that much of a hold over you) but because I’m about to throw a challenge your way. And let’s be honest shall we? Who can resist a challenge? I know I can’t. So here it is…become a Food Network Star…in your own kitchen.

Cook yourself an inexpensive yet entirely scrumptious meal each night. Let me explain how you can do this.  (more…)

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 Houston Restaurant Weeks is here August 1st – 31st and I’m so happy! I’m also still full from the 3 course meal I devoured last night at Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse.

 Not only is a great opportunity to experience high-class cuisine at some of the best restaurants in Houston, but part of the proceeds benefit the Houston Food Bank. 

So this is how it works…

$35 Dinner per person – 3 Courses (4 courses at some restaurants)
Restaurants donate $5 per dinner sold to the Houston Food Bank

$20 Lunch per person – 2 Courses (3 courses at some restaurants)
Restaurants donate $3 per lunch sold to the Houston Food Bank

Photo Courtesy of Houston Restaurant Weeks Website

 I encourage everyone to at least try to go once to any of the restaurants in this years Houston Restaurant Weeks, if not everyday of the week. It’s worth it. Believe me. 

 For more information please visit their website,  http://houstonrestaurantweeks.com/.

 Let me know how it went!

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Want to bring the romance on Valentine’s Day but don’t have $1 to your name? Look no further, I have all the tools you need!  First and foremost, originality is key to Mo’ Honey. You need something that sets you apart and let’s your Honey know that you pay attention… sometimes. Here are 3 Romantic steps that are sure to keep your Honey satisfied and your wallet fat and happy too (and then some).

Step 1: Write a love letter or a poem. It can be something cheesy such as “life without you is like a broken pencil, pointless.” Everybody needs a little cheese in their life!  Or if you prefer going the romantic route: “I am writing you this letter rather than waste time and money on a card that only brushes the surface of the way I feel.” (If that’s not your swag, skip to step 2)

Step 2: Try to create something simple that your Honey loves. Women and Men can be complex, but are easily wooed by the little things in life. For example; a friend of mine loves Lucky Charms but she only eats the little marshmallow’s (I mean who doesn’t, right?). So her boyfriend (now husband) bought 3 big boxes of Lucky Charms, picked out all the marshmallow’s, put them all in one box, recovered the box with paper and wrote “You are my only lucky charm!” This is a great example of how my friend’s man is a winner of No Money Mo’ Honey. Hints the reason why they are married and have two kids (winner)!

Step 3: Recreate a special night (first date, first kiss – you get the picture) and of course do it on a dime. For instance, if you took her out to an Italian dinner for your first date create an Italian setting in your apartment. Push back the furniture, put a blanket on the floor or cloth on the table (if you have one), play Italian music, and of course, cook an Italian dinner and don’t forget the dessert! Chocolate dipped fruit is always a deliciously easy way to say “kiss me you fool!”  Make sure you set the mood with dim lights and candles (Caution: never leave a candle burning unattended in your apartment. This causes fires and will ruin your plans and everything else with it). If you can’t cook… get take out! Grub Taxi will bring you almost any restaurant straight to your door with a $12.00 minimum.

If this sounds stressful and more work than taking her out for a nice dinner at Victoria and Albert’s, You’re Right! But remember, if you have No Money you better be original or else …No Honey!

Make sure you check Camdenliving.com and click on the “What’s Up” tab for your communities Valentine’s Day events and details. Don’t forget to pinch those pennies where they can be pinched!

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