Austin’s 3 Stop Shops

Austin, Texas is a pretty “Weird,” place to call home.  With a great economy and a growing in population, Austin finds itself in a great place to set up shop! With these three different stores you are bound to find something to dress up or add that awesome piece of art to your empty wall that will truly make you feel like you’ve been living in Austin your whole life!  With nine different Camden Apartment Communities throughout the city one will never find themselves too far from that awe-inspiring find!

With a home base in Austin, Texas, Kendra Scott is within minutes of many Camden Apartment

Photo By Yvanna Navarro

Photo By Yvanna Navarro

Communities here in Austin, Texas.  Camden Huntingdon, Camden Lamar Heights are two of the closest locations to a Kendra Scott Store.  The “Honorable Mention Award” goes to Kendra Scott, because your birthday month you get half off your purchase.  Who doesn’t like a good sale every now and then? Any girl in your life will certainly enjoy opening that neatly wrapped bag with an extensive choice of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets that are truly one of a kind. “The versatility of her jewelry is amazing; her quality will last for years.”  Stephanie Thornton; Camden Lamar Heights.

“It’s all Texas all the Time,” is Parts and Laboour’s logo, they will not disappoint.  They have spectacular jewelry, men’s and woman’s clothing all Texas themed with a funny twist. Want to deck out your new digs at Camden Stoneleigh? No prob, they got you covered! “A highlight of Parts and Labour is that they support local artists and is a true representation of Austin, and the South Congress Area.” Angelica Burrus, Camden Stoneleigh.

Photo Credit of Parts and Labour.

Photo Credit of Parts and Labour.

Camden Cedar Hill’s Own Naomi Rodriguez recommends Uncommon Objects, also located in the SoCo District and only minutes away from her community.  This is an antique store that fits Austin to a T.  Their website is amazing and provides links to their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts where you can use what they sell to awesome creations!

Their website describes what they are are about better than any blog! “Uncommon Objects has been described as ’your eccentric uncle’s attic on steroids.’ And remember, this is no museum. This stuff is for sale…there is something to satisfy your nostalgic yearnings and peak your sentimental curiosities.” Uncommon Objects.

Click here to have your eyes dazzled with a “visual display” of these uncommon objects!

Whether you’re just visiting Austin or living at a Camden Community you are bound to come across exclusive Austin shops of your own.  The three highlighted retail establishments do not even cover the splendid

Technology Package Survival Kit

Ever wonder what key things you can not live without? Of course there are the obvious, food, water, etc. but what about your relationship with technology? Imagine your life void of Google, Netflix, Facebook or Instagram. I am sure we can agree that staying connected is one commodity needed for survival.

Here at Camden, we strive to improve the quality of life of our residents.  In addition to our other amenities which help us to achieve living excellence, Camden uses technology to improve apartment living.  Here is an outline of convenient tech services provided to all residents at many of our communities…

Cable & High-Speed Internet

  • More than 70 channels, plus HBO
  • Wi-Fi speeds up to 15Mbps and access to over 250,000 nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots
  • HBO Go from your smart device or computer
  • Automatic approval, no contract, no deposit, negotiated Camden-only discounted rate, annual savings up to 32%

Wi-Fi Access

  • Access to Wi-Fi hotspots within the community

  • Available 24/7 on-line and allows residents to submit maintenance requests, pay rent, contact the office, reserve an amenity, submit a key release, socialize with neighbors, buy & sell items, receive community updates, sign & renew your lease

Business Center Access

  • Exclusive access to a fully-equipped business center with computers, printers, Internet and Wi-Fi

As a former Camden resident, I found this particular amenity the most useful and convenient, not to mention, it was my life line.

Camden Cares Atlanta Serving at Piedmont Park Conservancy

October 15th 2014 was nothing short of magical, as our Camden Cares Atlanta team pulled together to make things happen for the Piedmont Park Conservancy. Our Camden Atlanta teams spent a beautiful autumn day at the 53 acre Atlanta staple, in an effort to help with quite the project.

Camden Cares Atlanta gearing up for the project in Piedmont Park.

Camden Cares Atlanta gearing up for the project in Piedmont Park.


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Camden’s Zinburger Takeover

As a Camden employee the perks seem to be endless. Working in the prominent neighborhood of Buckhead at our Camden Phipps and Camden Paces locations surely have their perks.  My meat-eating life was changed, when our team received a VIP invite to the Grand Opening of  wine and burger bar, Zinburger.

Tiny Delciousness

The Samburger, Chinese Chicken salad, and Zingria

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The 100 Happy Days Challenge – Can You Do It?

There is this challenge circulating the globe. It is called the 100 Happy Days Challenge. Perhaps you have you have heard of it or noticed some of your friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter participating in this 100 Happy Days Challenge. If you did notice it, did you know that it is an actual honest to goodness challenge? That it isn’t just some hashtagging thing where you post photos all willy nilly each day? It is completely legit and has a true purpose. The website is  Here’s the skinny. You sign up on the website, create your own hashtag and get to posting. You take one thing out of your life each day, take a photo of it and then post your little piece of happiness. Everyone from the you’s and me’s of the world to celebrities are doing it. Even The Today Show just accepted the 100 Happy Days Challenge.

Here is why this is such an epic and important challenge…

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Lemony Kale Salad

Warmer months bring about lighter appetites. Kale, the leafy green, has made its way to the top of many foodie charts lately including mine. There are many ways to enjoy the robust taste of the healthy green foliage, but I will outline my favorite and super easy preference for my Kale fix.  Continue reading

A picture is worth a thousand words…

We may not always like to see ourselves in pictures, but when someone else is in the frame, it becomes a different story. Why is that? I believe it is because you can learn a lot about a person by seeing pictures taken of them when they were little, on a great vacation, or during special occasions like a birthday or graduation party. We like to see pictures of others so we can get to know them better through their experiences captured by a camera. People express themselves while a photo is being taken. Continue reading

OC Restaurant Week 2014

It’s that time of year again when you get to try out new restaurants for a discounted rate. You can go for either lunch or dinner and they usually offer 2 or 3 course meals. This event only happens once a year and it has over 100 different restaurants for you to choose from. The event is for Orange County CA from February 23rd – March 1st 2014.
This is the best deal on food and a great reason to spend time out with your favorite people! Make sure you call all your friends or family and make your reservations now!
This are preset lunches and dinners and they include both appetizers and desserts
Lunch – $10, $15, or $20
Dinner – $20, $30, or $40

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Show us your love – Midtown Houston Video Contest!

Ace and I have some exciting news… we will be kicking off our first video contest! Three of our Houston Midtown Communites- Camden Travis Street, Camden Midtown & Camden City Centre will participating in this exciting contest. However, anyone can enter not only Camden residents!


The contest started November 1st and will end November 30th. This is a great oppurtunity to show your love for your neighborhood. So every contest has a prize of course and our prize is, 10 winners will receive $200! Yeah, that’s right… 10 winners, $200.  Don’t forget to #camdenmidtownvideo & also to submit video to , YouTube, Vine & Instagram.

We would love to see why you love living in Midtown, what makes your Camden community special, meeting up with your friends at your favorite spots in Midtown and the list goes own. If you have any questions please contact any of the three communities.

Pumpkin and More Pumpkin

You may call it Fall but I like to call it Pumpkin season. Traditionally consumers usually amp up their pumpkin intake around this time of year and that includes me. I’ve already began scouring the aisles of my local grocers looking for any and everything pumpkin. I took the time to narrow down my top 6 pumpkin faves for this year (no easy task) and here I’ve shared them with you.

1. Pumpkin Coffee Creamer

I already enjoy starting my day with a nice hot cup of coffee. This season I’ll be making my little morning regimen even more delightful by adding a splash of delicious pumpkin flavored creamer. This creamer has been a hit at Camden Phipps.

  Pumpkin  Creamer

2. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 

There’s nothing like a salty snack to take the edge off. These roasted little goodies are sure to do the trick.  Please note that I don’t have a photo of the ones I made, they were gone before I could snap one.  Visit your local Whole Foods grocer to get started on your own disappearing pumpkin seeds.  

3. DIY Pumpkin Face Mask

Want to cut back on the pie despite the leftover pumpkins? Use your leftovers to concoct this high in zinc, vitamin A and C, refreshing beauty treat I discovered via Popsugar.

4. Publix Pumpkin Pie Ice cream

Did you know ice cream sales can increase in the Fall months? I think I know why, because the flavors of Fall are like none other including this delectable Pumpkin Pie ice cream by Publix.

Publix Pumpkin Pie  Ice Cream

5.  Martha Stewart’s Traditional Pumpkin Pie

The traditional pumpkin pie is a must during the Fall season. Martha Stewart’s Traditional Pumpkin Pie recipe is just the ticket to complete any holiday dinner spread.

6. Philadelphia Pumpkin Cream Cheese and Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita chips

My fave!!! It’s quick, it’s easy, and it does the trick for my late night Pumpkin snack cravings.

Pumpkin  Cream Cheese and Pita Chips

As you can see, I couldn’t wait for the Fall season and once Starbucks made the official announcement  (in my opinion) with the launch of the Pumpkin Spice Latte’, that was my queue. What are some of your Pumpkin must-haves?

Happy Fall, everyone!


October is almost over, so it’s just about time to start thinking about November. I am an adventurous person (yolo) and love to socialize, so how can I put the two together? By doing a photo challenge!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

For those that are new to Photo a day let me explain it to you. :) Photo a day is a fun game to play where every day we all stop, take a photo of something (using the list as inspiration) and then we share the photo on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, Tumblr, Flickr or where ever you please. For example Continue reading

Take the High Road

This summer we have experienced some very different weather in Atlanta as it has rained almost as much as it does in Seattle. What usually is a sunny season filled with beautiful days, turned out to be quite the opposite according to the National Weather Service that concluded that Atlanta has seen record numbers in rainfall this year.  On August 7th the first day back to school for our Camden Phipps students,  this also turned out to be one of Atlanta’s rainy summer days. After students battled the rains, delayed buses and more impediments we celebrated their first day back with a very special treat, High Road Craft Ice Cream.


This is not your normal ice cream by any means of the word. High Road is an experience. The ice cream brought about an uproar of ooo’s and aaah’s as our junior residents sampled the smooth delicacies of Mixed Berry, Burnt Sugar, Brown Butter Praline, Toffee Almond and more. High Road was launched in Atlanta   in 2010 by Founder and CEO Keith Schroeder who is known for crafting exquisite ice cream, gelato & sorbet for luxury retailers and fine restaurants throughout the nation and now for Camden Phipps. High Road has been featured in Southern Living, People Magazine, USA Today, EveryDay with Rachel Ray and even Oprah’s magazine as a feature on the O List! This amazingly delicious ice cream can be found in your local Whole Foods and Fresh Market.   Luckily we have several Camden communities in close proximity to these fine grocers so embarking upon your very own High Road experience should be a cinch!

"I've tried and I love it!" - Carson

“I’ve tried and I love it!” – Carson

Mixed Berry was the perfect match for this bright fashionista!

Tiffany manning the High Road Bar at Camden Phipps!

Tiffany manning the High Road Bar at Camden Phipps!


We are so very thankful to the High Road team for partnering with us to make the first day back to school a very special and delectable day. Visit our Facebook for more fun photos!