Moving Must-Have: The “Don’t Box Me” Box

Photo courtesy of cbidesign viz stock.xchng - Unfortunately I didn't photograph my own box, but it looked very similar to this (but with a panda)!

I moved last weekend. I can’t fluff up that sentence with any lovely alliteration or amazing adjectives because moving is just so… buh. BUT! My rainy weekend of moving misfortune isn’t for naught, because I can share with you at least one good idea to help make the process a little more bearable: The “Don’t Box Me” Box.

This came about because there were certain little things that I just didn’t want to pack. Even though I knew all the boxes were going to the same place at the same time, I was convinced that something would get lost along the way – so I took a medium sized box (named the “Don’t Box Me” box, as you may have surmised) and filled it with the things that I didn’t want packed in any other box, and drove it to our new place on the front seat of my car instead of putting it in the Uhaul. Logic at its finest, no? :)

What was in my box? Some oddities, and some things that came in very handy. I included two rolls of toilet paper (one for each bathroom), a roll of paper towels, deodorant, a bottle each of shampoo and conditioner, our toothbrushes and toothpaste,  my blow dryer (it’s been faithful to me for years, so I couldn’t just stuff it in any old box), one pair of undergarments for each family member (and good thing I did, because our clothes and dresser drawers got VERY wet), Pandy (my daughter’s panda), and my husband’s XBOX360 (like he was going to pack that when my blow dryer was getting VIP treatment, right?). I would have included our remotes, but I took our TV and TV stuff a day before for cable/internet installation.

I think having one box set aside with the things we needed immediate access to saved us a lot of digging around on our first night in the new place; we were so exhausted already from moving in the rain that we probably would have just slept in mud-covered clothes with rain-soaked hair and stinky pits if I hadn’t set these things aside. Even on a sunny day, it’s a good idea to keep must-haves close by so you don’t have to dig through several boxes for a few small items.

Do you have any must-do moving tips? Or even better, do you have any unpacking tips that will help me wade through the sea of boxes that have our new place looking like an episode of Hoarders? Let me know!