Old Motorcycles on Display this weekend in Santiago Canyon

riding on a motorcycle

riding on a motorcycle

There is nothing like riding old motorcycles threw Santiago Canyon on a hot summer day! If you are like me and love to ride then you will not want to miss The Born Free Show that is happening this weekend June 28th & 29th 2014.  People will attend this show from all over the United States. People will be showing all types of motorcycles such as Triumphs, Harley, and even motorcycles that they built in there garage. I have been attending the Born Free Show for about 4 years and its been truly amazing to see how its grown.

born free

born free

If you log onto http://bornfreeshow.blogspot.com/ you can read all about this amazing Born Free show. “How is about the love of old motorcycles and like-minded individuals having a good time together and enjoying these bikes of the past. It is also a family event, young and old a-like are welcome to come out and enjoy the show. This show is meant to unite people from all walks of life by bringing the passion that we all have of these old machines together for two special days. If you come out to the event please be prepared to have a great time, see neat old bikes…lots of neat old motorcycles, in a peaceful, friendly, family environment.” Continue reading

OC Restaurant Week 2014

It’s that time of year again when you get to try out new restaurants for a discounted rate. You can go for either lunch or dinner and they usually offer 2 or 3 course meals. This event only happens once a year and it has over 100 different restaurants for you to choose from. The event is for Orange County CA from February 23rd – March 1st 2014.
This is the best deal on food and a great reason to spend time out with your favorite people! Make sure you call all your friends or family and make your reservations now!
This are preset lunches and dinners and they include both appetizers and desserts
Lunch – $10, $15, or $20
Dinner – $20, $30, or $40

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Fun things to do in Irvine

The Irvine Spectrum (photo credit: www.welcometosocal.com)

The Irvine Spectrum
(photo credit: http://www.welcometosocal.com)

If you are thinking about moving to Irvine there are so many places that you need to check out. If you are looking to visit Southern California and you want to know what the hot spots are in Irvine then this is the blog for you.
The Spectrum- This is what I like to refer to as a one stop shop. You can do anything from grabbing groceries at Target to catching the latest and greatest movies on the IMAX Theater. You can also eat at one of the many amazing restaurants or simply catch up on some retail therapy. This is a great family spot as well because they have Ice skating in the winter and in the summer you can let your little ones play in the turtle fountain. The Spectrum is a lot of fun for adults as well. They have The Improve if you want a light-hearted funny night. If you had a long day and want to meet someone for happy hour then you will have a wide variety of locations to choose from like The Cheesecake Factory, Wood Ranch, Javier’s, Yard House and Red Robin. There’s even a Ferris wheel and carousal if you’re looking to re-live your childhood memories.
The District –The district is also a very hot spot for restaurants, shopping and fun. The TJ Maxx/Home Goods Store, this is the best TJ Maxx I have ever been in. If you are trying to redecorate your house on a budget this is the place to go. There is a Michael’s that is right next door so if you are feeling crafty or extra creative then you should stop in there as well. There are two major deterrents the first is the parking. They usually have a traffic person helping to ease the pain of this location. The other big downfall is the fact the stores are far apart. If you are going with small children it makes it really hard as you get back in the car and move every time you want to hit a different store. They have a Costco here with a gas station attached so you usually get the best price on gas in town. Continue reading

OC Restaurant Week

courtesy of StockXchg.com by agamamedia

It’s the perfect event for foodies all over Orange County. Only once a year!

Restaurant Week is BACK! THIS week!

Last week, my staff and I here at Camden Sea Palms were handing out Breakfast on the Go bags to our residents at the exit gate.! Someone reminded me (because they know how much I love food) that OC restaurant week is coming up! So I had to remind all of you!!

February 26th – March 3rd, 100 of Orange County’s top restaurants will be participating in this year’s OC restaurant week. This is a great chance to try out some hot new restaurants or new chefs for a “set” price. Participating restaurants will offer meals starting at $10, $15, and $20 per person for lunch and $20, $30, $40 per person for dinner. Most of these offers are not simply for a single entrée but a full 3-4 course meal!

How does it work? Well, thanks for asking!

Check out the list of participating restaurants here.

These restaurants will have a special menu set aside just for restaurant week. You just show up, ask them for the restaurant week menu and enjoy! Not everyone will be participating for both lunch and dinner, and they get to choose the price (from $10-$40) so make sure you go to the website to do some reasearch before you head out!

Have fun!