Shark Attacks in your Community Swimming Pool

Attention apartment residents, reports of swimming pool shark attacks have been increasing across the country. We’ve gathered some tips to help prevent a shark attack this swimming pool season.


Swimming pool shark attacks are increasing. Following pool rules has been found to prevent attacks. (Photo Credit: Unknown)

  • Report non-residents: Sharks have been spotted when unauthorized visitors are found meandering around the pool. Sparkling pools have been known to attract unruly masses who have been notorious for violating all rules. Please remember, this is your pool – notify your leasing office immediately. (In this case, it’s best not to warn the violators about the sharks).
  • NO GLASS CONTAINERS: No matter how careful you may be with your glass container, accidents happen. Nothing ruins a good time by the pool more than an injury caused by broken glass. Open wounds are the number one cause of shark attacks.

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Surviving Summertime

Unlike in Game of Thrones, where Winter is always coming, in Charlotte, North Carolina, it is obvious that Summer is coming! As we all woke this morning to a fabulous 65 degrees, it reminded me of what is to come: The humidity, the sweating, the “freshly flat ironed hair gone curly wild mess”, the constant guessing game of “What to wear in order to NOT melt?”. Summer is a beautiful thing, and when you are lying by the pool, tanning, reading, jamming to your IPod summer tunes and relaxing, all of these things dont matter. What about the work hours?

Today, I will fill you in on nifty ways to survive the summertime!

Obviously, the first thing that you need, whether in an office or poolside, is water! Water is super super important. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it is healthy. If you are like me, and you cant stand the “simple”, “boring” taste, feel free to add drink mix ALL DAY!!

Fresh bottled water!

The clothing that you decide to wear to work will also be very important. Try to wear lightweight, bright colored clothing (or just lightweight if you are like me – black clothes ALL THE WAY!). Clothing made from materials that are flowing and thin will help relieve the obvious warmth and sweating. Nobody likes sweat stains on their clothing, so be aware.

As a leasing consultant, we find ourselves walking A LOT. As fellow blogger, Joelle Salviati pointed out in an earlier blog post, we ALL have to deal with sweat and grime throughout the day. No matter what, there is no denying this. The key to this (aside from making sure you have baby powder or some kind of scent-killer in your shoes) is wearing shoes that allow your feet to breathe. Many shoe companies such as Adidas, Nike and Geox are making a lighter more durable shoe that allows the foot to feel air. Try these and see if they help.

Ever heard of “cool foods” (not cool like “yeah!” but cool like “brrrrrrr”)? Well, cool foods are foods that have nutrients that allow the body to feel cooler. Example of such: fruit. Avoid fast foods because they make the body feel “heavier” thus allowing for more sweat.

Large fans and pocket fans also help. If you have an enclosed office space, feel free to set up a fan to blow air into your general direction. Not everyone has the ability to turn the A/C on cold, so use this simple alternative to help you stay cool. If you work on a property or have a job where you spend time outdoors and have direct contact with the heat, try the mini battery operated pocket fans. They are easy to hide and they dont draw much attention if you work in the customer facing field.

Ok, so I hope that our next item is something that everyone already knows about: deodorant. Bring a deodorant spray bottle or stick with you. Keep it in your purse. Keep it in your desk drawer. Please just keep it! Summers are the worst time for body odor. Make sure you keep it under control by taking the occasional “bathroom break”.

If you wear make-up, please take some time to consider the type of make-up you will wear. Make-up with an oil base will melt right off of your face. This can make for a pretty rough situation. Not only are you covered in a clay-like substance, but it is embarassing. No one wants to lose face (seriously) in front of colleagues or customers. Would make for a funny story, but really, when you think about it – not so funny.

Summertime can be a wonderful time. I encourage everyone to enjoy it. Utilizing these tips will help you do so.

Avoid the lobster look! 3 Inexpensive Must Haves for Summer 2012!

If you live in Texas, you’ll know that I’m not kidding when I say it was really darn stinkin’ HOT this past weekend, and not just “Ugh! Its hot and I’m a diva so I’m gonna write a letter.” I’m talkin’ like “let’s go fry an egg on the concrete” HOT! This is SERIOUS people! If you’re a Camden resident or planning to move into one of our communities this summer, you completely understand how welcoming and absolutely gorgeous our pools are! Camden is known for our amazing landscape & our resort-style swimming pools! It’s almost impossible to avoid the swimming pool and the sun around summer at a Camden community! Camden just makes it wayyyyy to easy to relax; and if you aren’t afraid of the hot sun burning your skin this summer, you should be! I’m literally as WHITE as they come, I have features such as red hair, freckles, fair skin & if it were possible to pay my skin “1 billion dollars” – in the words of Dr. Evil it still would NOT tan! For me to say that I get a sunburn when being out in the sun for too long would be a huge understatement! I was totally unprepared for this sunshine over the weekend and decided to make a list of 3 Must Haves for the summer of 2012 for you people living in Texas so you can avoid the “lobster look“… Enjoy!

#1- Buy a floppy hat: Do it! A floppy hat will help you kill two birds with one stone.

A.) You will undoubtedly look ADORABLE! (but you probably already knew that!)

B.) Your face (and hair) will be grateful. A floppy hat provides a generous amount of shade for your face and hair. Yes, i said hair. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been sunburned on my scalp, and it’s NOT pretty! Who wants to put sunscreen in their hair? NOT ME! Purchase a floppy hat. Although it may not feel like you’re getting sunburned on your face, its inevitable. You can find THE cutest floppy hats at Target for around $10! Click here for some ideas!

#2- Brita (on the go!) Water Bottle & Filter! This is literally

a life saver! Water is THE best thing you can

 put in your body on a hot day, it helps re hydrate your skin and the more you drink the better. The Brita bottle is also environmentally friendly! Who loves the earth? Camden does! This water bottle is  BPA-free, dishwasher safe (top rack) and recyclable. You can bring it with you anywhere, and its a must have if you love taking off spur of the moment on a bike ride or jog. This water bottle literally filters the water as you drink it and can be very useful when the only available water nearby is from a filthy water fountain. You can purchase one for around $10 by clicking here!

#3- Neutrogena Ultimate Sport for those of you on-the-go! You can purchase this for around $10 and it will not only make your skin feel soft and look amazing but it will allow you to avoid the “lobster look“. Its small enough to carry around in your pocket and the best part it won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts on your skin. Summer is here people, and if you don’t have sunblock with you at all times you might look like the man up there… (nods)

TIP: Check out your local weather forecast before you start your day so you can always be prepared!

Welcome Camden Asbury Village

Camden Asbury Village has large kitchens with energy efficient stainless steel appliances, contemporary cabinetry and hardware.

Camden took a huge step last week when they acquired Asbury Village in Raleigh North Carolina. Camden has owned and managed seven communities in the Raleigh area since their merge with Summit in March of 2005.  They have quite enjoyed their 7-community family for the last seven years but always had a secret hope that they had a little more Camden to go around the Raleigh Market.  Their wish was granted on January 27th when Asbury Village Apartments became Camden Asbury Village.  The community is only two years old and has a list of identifying features that you might see on a custom home wish list.  It’s hard to summarize why this community is such a great addition to our portfolio so I will give you the stand-outs.

  • Their location is exceptional because of their proximity to: RBC Center, Carter-Finly Stadium, I-40 exit 290 at Cary/Hwy 54, Trinity Road, Edwards Mill Road, Crossroads Shopping, and RDU Airport.
  • Stainless Steel appliances
  • Washer and dryer included
  • Crown molding in living areas
  • Striking color accent on all trim, doors and molding
  • Nine-foot ceilings with the exception of even higher vaulted ceilings in all top floor apartments
  • 2″ white plantation blinds in all windows
  • Elegant bathrooms that feature relaxing garden tubs, extra-large soaking tubs, and some having a separate stand-up glass shower.
  • Built-in computer niche with cabinets (some office nooks also include built-in bookshelves)
  • Pendant lighting and impressive track lighting in many floor plans.
  • Timeless ceramic tile flooring in the foyer, kitchen, and bathrooms.
  • Brushed nickel contemporary hardware on all cabinetry
  • Large kitchens with extraordinary islands setting below pendant lighting
  • Closets that can “hang” with the fashion clothing collectors.

    Interior features you would see on a custom home wish-list

When you step out of the unusually attractive clubhouse you are immediately hit with a feeling of peaceful serenity.  I can only describe it as the way you feel when you are unexpectedly surrounded by an atmosphere so serene and beautiful it feels like you are in a travel magazine picture.  I guess I never expected to find trickling water features and swaying drapes that surround outdoor seating while looking for a rental in Raleigh.

The Team at Camden Asbury Village

It’s not surprising that most of the staff stayed on and are now happily employed by the only multi-family company on Fortune’s list of  Best Places to Work.  This is what you would call a win/win/win situation since Camden, the remaining on-site team and the discerning renters that already chose exceptional quality will all benefit from this match made in heaven.  Welcome to the family Camden Asbury Village.

Relaxing hot tub and pool with trickling fountains and picturesque outdoor seating. All photos by Robert Register Photography.

Space Savers In Your New Apartment – Savvy Storage Solutions

Apartments have many advantages among living choices:  You don’t have to worry about lawn maintenance and if the hot water heater burns out, you don’t have to shell out the money to fix it.  Who wants to spend their weekend cleaning the pool when you could be enjoying it?  They can also be a comfortable and convenient way of living for many people at different stages of life. One challenge that is common to many apartments is a lack of storage space.   Combine your closer living quarters with lack of storage space and you can end up with overwhelming clutter.

Luckily, many Camden Communities  have storage options within the apartment.  However, if you live at a Camden Community  that doesn’t have storage, or even if you (gasp!) don’t live at a Camden Community, there are some great savvy space-saving options available.

You can purchase furniture that has a dual purpose.  For instance, the ottoman in the living room or bedroom can double as a storage space for books, blankets, or other items you don’t use on an every day basis.   Back in the day of water beds, there were drawers underneath.  You can now find conventional beds with this same great feature. 

Bookshelves just aren’t for books!  Sure, they work great in the living room area for books or knick knacks, but you can also put them in the dining area or bedroom space.  Go to your local craft or department store and purchase cloth baskets, and you now have storage space that eliminates clutter.   Coffee tables and bench seats for the dining area can all be found with storage underneath the seats. 

Don’t forget, just because you are in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t customize your space to work for you.  And don’t forget to customize your closets! 

If the closets in your apartment offer only a hanging rod and upper shelf, you are wasting closet space.

 Browse through the storage solutions aisle at your local home improvement  or discount store for closet organization systems that you can mix and match to customize your closet storage. Think about what you need to store and how when choosing components: For example, if  you have a lot of folded sweaters and sweatshirts, you may need more shelf space than hanging space. A hall closet can be reorganized to hold your coats as well as paper and bathroom supplies, small appliance that aren’t needed everyday, and so forth.

If you are looking for more than just a place to keep your stuff – and really want to make your apartment your home – then you have to check out a Camden Community .  At Camden, there are other great programs in place to make you feel “at home”.  There is the create your space program where you can have accent walls painted from a swatch of pre-selected colors, or newly renovated apartments in some markets where your apartment home is custom painted, has crown molding and so many other new great features that have never been considered in apartment living in the past. 


Camden Spotlight: Will Vodak

As promised, we are focusing on another member of the Camden family in Austin for June.  His name is Will Vodak, and he is the Maintenance Technician at Camden Gaines Ranch.  Few people know how to properly solve community maintenance issues better than Will.  However, most residents remember his approachable personality and integrity long after he completes their service requests.  Read on to learn a little more about Will:

1)   Describe your position with Camden in five words.

       Resolving residents’ problems ASAP anytime

2)   If you could make your own nickname and catchphrase, what would they be?

       Nickname: “The Old Guy”

       Catchphrase: “Which way did I go?”

3)   What event around Austin are you looking forward to most in July?

       The next rain event

4)   After a hard day’s work, what is your favorite way to unwind?

       Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep

5)   Why should someone visit your community if they need an apartment?

       The Greenbelt, the views, and the pool

6)   What is one interesting fact about you that most Camden residents are not aware of?

        I’m the son of a lifetime teacher and World War II veteran

7)   If you didn’t work for Camden, what occupation would you hold and why?

        A/C Technician (I have the tools)

8)   Are you planning any events for your community for July?

        A couple of water-heater installs

9)   What is the best piece of advice you can give Camden residents in Austin?

       Check you apartment’s A/C.  A 16 to 22 degree differential should exist between the closest supply duct to the furnace and the return air filter.

10) What is the most rewarding part of your job?

         Honest answers to honest questions

The next time you see Will driving around Camden Gaines Ranch in his golf cart, feel free to say “hello” or join him in a rain dance.  Don’t forget to check our blog again next month for another Camden Spotlight!

Camden Spotlight: Mindy Blankenship

Many of the residents at Camden communities in Austin have only ever seen Camden employees in the office setting.  Of course, our employees have personalities, interests, and ideas that some of our residents may not have had the pleasure of experiencing.  For this reason, I decided to ask Mindy Blankenship, Community Manager at Camden Laurel Ridge, some questions about herself:

1)      Describe your position with Camden in five words.

          There’s always a new adventure.

2)      If you could make your own nickname and catchphrase, what would they be?

          Nickname: Mindy Poppins.  Catch phrase: “Always Prepared.”  I always over pack and carry large purses filled with random things.  My friends have called me this for years.

3)      What event around Austin are you looking forward to most in June?

           I can’t wait to hit the river for my first float of the season!

4)      After a hard day’s work, what is your favorite way to unwind?

          Grilling by the pool with great friends!

5)      Why should someone visit your community if they need an apartment?

          We have prices and customer service that can’t be beat!

6)      What is one interesting fact about you that most Camden residents are not aware of?

           I play in an adult kickball league here in Austin.  My team is the Rabid Badgers.  We are AWESOME!

7)      If you didn’t work for Camden, what occupation would you hold and why?

          I would work with terminally ill children in any way possible.  If I was able to give them a reason to smile just once a day, I would be living the dream!

8)      What is the best piece of advice you can give Camden residents in Austin?

          Get out there and enjoy everything Austin has to offer.  This city has so many events and amazing parks to explore!

9)      What is the most rewarding part of your job?

           The most rewarding part of my job is hearing compliments about the team I work with every day!  Nothing feels better than getting to pass along good news!

I hope this gives you some insight into the person behind the desk!  Next month we will focus on another Camden employee in Austin, so stay tuned!